Deltek Costpoint Time & Expense Alternatives and 9 Questions To Evaluate Them

Deltek’s range of features might draw in customers looking for the right ERP solution for their business problems. Deltek Costpoint's accounting solutions for government contractors are excellent resources. However, DATABASICS enhances the Deltek Costpoint time & expense offerings. We do time & expense all day every day. We're experts in what it takes.

Deltek Costpoint Timesheet & Expense Reporting Alternatives & How to Evaluate Them

If you’re looking at alternatives to Deltek Costpoint's time & expense, here are nine questions (+ 3 bonus questions_ you should be considering:

  1. What integrations are available?

    Integrations will make or break your systems. The first thing to consider is whether the system integrates smoothly with Deltek Costpoint. It's one thing to have a functioning timesheet and expense reporting solution. But, it's another if you have to manually manipulate data to make two or more systems communicate with one another and share data.

    Integrations should be seamless. The integration should also prevent importing and exporting. It's too much of an ask to handle data manually. You should be able to find your chosen systems on the provider's website. If it's not there, look for indications that integrations with other systems are possible.

    You can also consider whether the provider offers solutions for per diem tracking, commute mileage tracking, and leave management. DATABASICS, for example, provides all of these in addition to its timesheet and expense reporting functionality. This creates an all-in-one solution for many critical business processes, all accessible within the same system.

  2. Does the solution provide customer service?

    Customer service can sometimes be an afterthought, for both the solution provider and your organization. However, those fancy features won't matter if they're not usable. Problems arise. They need a solution. It's how the company responds to those problems that makes the real difference. So, when you’re looking for a timesheet and expense report provider, look at their customer service offerings. How can admins and end users get in contact with the company when they have a question or a problem? The provider should be accessible in several ways, including by phone, email, or through a portal. Chatboxes often cannot solve actual problems, so don’t be overly impressed by that.

    Also, you should consider whether you can actually get in touch with customer support. Are they only in the office from Monday-Friday from 9-5 (EST)? Look for a solution with 24/7 support. Your admins and employees and admins shouldn't get stuck alone during non-business hours.

  3. What do the customers & experts have to say about it?

    Customer reviews can sometimes be hit or miss. However, if patterns emerge, then that's usually a good indication of how the company treats its customers. Look for customer testimonials of similar companies in terms of size or industry. Also, look for third-party reviews of the company, not just what's on the company website.

    Check into whether the provider has been reviewed by outside sources. Also, check whether it has any recent awards. Awards tend to be competitive. They show that the company is forward-thinking and organized enough to provide experts with proof of their work. As a result, they can be good indicators of what to expect if you choose to work with that particular company.

  4. Is the solution mobile?

    A mobile version of the software gives employees another way to get their work done. The app should be easily accessible from the online store, like the Apple App Store or Google Play. It should have the same functionality as the desktop version. In other words, the app shouldn't be a "lite" version-it should contain the same functions on a smaller screen.

  5. Does the software accommodate time and expense for subcontractors?

    Another consideration is whether the software can meet all your unique requirements. Staffing agencies and federal contractors, for example, might use subcontractors and the software needs to accommodate that. Look for features like project tracking, geo-fencing, and a mobile app that provides the same functionality as the desktop version. These tools help subcontractors get their administrative work done as well.

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  1. Does the software have compliance features like "floor checks" and DCAA compliance?

    Those in the federal contracting industry might have specific compliance needs, like DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance. The solution should come with both DCAA and DOL (Department of Labor) compliance. In addition, it needs to provide a solution for floor checks to audit the organization's timekeeping procedures. If you have specific needs, make sure to ask your provider whether they can accommodate those needs.

  2. What about global companies?

    If your organization spans more than one country, your time and expense solution needs to span multiple countries too. But, when you're searching for the right global solution, look into the details about what that provider means when they say that they are global. Translating into more than one language is not enough to meet global needs. A truly global solution has several working pieces.

    First is VAT/tax management. Next is that it can manage multiple languages. Also, it can localize the solution so that employees in one country aren't getting notifications at 4 a.m. just because it's 8 a.m. in another country.

  3. Does the solution come with tools for analytics and reporting?

    Having all your data in one place is a great way to streamline your processes. But, what's the use of all that data if you can't use it to get actionable insights? Analytics and reporting help you make sense of data. They also give you the power to better understand your systems. This gives you the opportunity to make course corrections as you go. Make smarter decisions about the future for similar projects or tasks.

    In specific, look for a tool with budgeting features. These features can give you insight into your spend and help you compare an intended budget vs. an actual budget. You should also be able to update your budget online, clone your budgets, and even upload your budget via spreadsheet. No matter the kind of budget, the system should be able to accommodate it.

  4. Is the company investing in improvements to the software?

    This is an excellent question because it shows that you're thinking about a possible future with the company. If they haven't had updates to their software in a while, it shows a lack of passion. The workplace is changing and any timesheet or expense reporting software provider needs to change with it. Ask about updates in interface to improve the user's experience. Also, take note of upgrades in functionality that will make life easier for administrators and managers.


  5. Why Choose DATABASICS Time & Expense as a Deltek Costpoint Alternative?

    DATABASICS Time & Expense is a comprehensive alternative to Deltek Costpoint, offering a robust ERP solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing systems. Our platform streamlines your entire process with features like per diem tracking, mileage tracking, leave management, and subcontractor management, all in one user-friendly interface. Plus, our mobile app allows you to manage your projects on the go, making DATABASICS an ideal choice for those seeking a Deltek Costpoint alternative.

  6. How Can DATABASICS Ensure Compliance and Efficiency for My Business?

    With DATABASICS, you can trust that your organization is always in compliance with DCAA and DOL regulations. Our platform is designed to be a global solution, offering VAT/tax management and multilingual software to cater to businesses operating across borders. Additionally, our geo-fencing technology ensures accurate location-based tracking for your projects. Choosing DATABASICS as your Deltek Costpoint alternative means enjoying peace of mind knowing that your business is adhering to the highest industry standards.

  7. What Insights Can I Gain from DATABASICS' Advanced Analytics and Reporting?

    As a Deltek Costpoint alternative, DATABASICS not only offers a powerful time and expense management solution but also provides valuable insights through advanced analytics and reporting. Our platform allows you to dive deep into your data, uncovering trends and patterns to inform your decision-making process. With budgeting features and software improvements driven by customer feedback, DATABASICS is committed to helping you make the most of your time and expense management. Experience the difference today and see how DATABASICS can elevate your business to new heights!

These questions should give you a good indication of what would makes for suitable alternatives to Deltek Costpoint and other timesheet and expense report providers.

Learn more about DATABASICS Time & Expense and how it makes for an excellent alternative to Deltek Costpoint & Concur.

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