The Top Features Of Automated Time and Expense Software

Companies around the world are busy doing what they got into business to do, but their focus can sometimes be taken away by behind-the-scenes administrative tasks like timesheets and expense reports. Employees and administrators want to do their work, not have their time taken up by timesheets and expense reports.

That’s where automated time and expense software can make a difference. Do you know, at this moment, how much time and effort is being spent on submitting, managing, and auditing employee timesheets and expense reports? If you don’t know, an automated system will make a significant difference to your organization’s bottom line and to how employees spend their time.

Time and Expense Features

Project tracking
One feature that will boost your bottom line and give you more insight into your data is project tracking, which provides you with information about how much time and expense are allocated to each project. With project tracking, you can stay more on budget and make adjustments as you go with real-time data. You can also get actionable data at the end of the activity or the project so that you can make more informed decisions about what projects to take on in the future.

An easy-to-use system
Some companies might be hesitant to try new software because it means getting used to a new way of doing things. On the one hand, that change can spur improvements and streamline your processes. On the other hand, the thought of training new employees on a new system might make you think it’s not worth the effort.

One feature of automated time and expense software is that the system will improve your processes, but it’s also easy for new and experienced users to learn. Because it was built to be used by real people, the solution makes it easy to move from one step to the next to complete and approve timesheets and expense reports.

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A mobile app
The right software will also come with a complete cloud-based mobile application that provides the same functionality on the mobile version as on the desktop version. This means that your employees and approvers can get their work done as they go rather than waiting to do all their work at once. The app also allows employees to use receipt management to capture and store receipts in the system and to create instant expense reports using receipt data.

Today’s business runs on multiple systems. That’s just the way it works because no one system can do it all. This calls for an integration solution that will bring all the others—from HR to billing to accounting to credit cards—into an all-in-one platform. Bi-directional integrations mean that you don’t have to waste time manually importing and exporting data from one system to another. It already works together.

DATABASICS provides an essential solution for your timesheet, expense reporting, and leave management needs. Built for real people, this cloud-based software improves processes and cuts costs. Learn more about what DATABASICS Time and Expense can do for you.

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