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Why Customer Service Matters In Time & Expense

DATABASICS is proud to announce its 3-year winning streak in the American Business Awards for its customer service. To be honest, a lot goes into our customer service. Here's why we put so much effort into maintaining the highest standards in supporting our customers.


Why Switch To Mobile Timesheets

Mobile timesheets are a proven optimization for any organization looking to automate complex time tracking processes. Nearly gone are the days of tracking labor hours on paper, and punch clocks are not far behind. Software solutions are eclipsing these limited, cumbersome entry methods. In turn, many software-based time systems are themselves...


How One CRO Used Time & Expense To Make Employees And Finance Happy

As a leading CRO (Clinical Research Organization) in China had a large and growing base of employees across several countries.


Four Things For CROs To Think About When Choosing Time & Expense

Choosing CRO Time & Expense

CROs (Contract Research Organizations) and the life sciences industry are growing faster than ever. With more opportunity for this steady growth, however, it introduces more challenges for the accounting group and billing team to handle the changes. This is where time and expense comes in. As the source of data for...


Can Your Back End Handle A CRO Acquisition Or Merger?

CROs (Contract Research Organizations) experience near constant change through mergers and acquisitions. This kind of inorganic growth is good for agile CROs looking to quickly grow; however, that kind of growth also needs to be supported from within the back end, including your HR, payroll, accounting, and time and expense systems.

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