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2019 Trend: Tracking Time & Expense To Activities [Video]

A major trend we see happening in 2018 (and growing in 2019) is tracking time & expense to activities. No matter what you call those activities--projects, patients, grants, and everything in between--combining them with data from timesheets and expense reports gives you smarter insights.


2019 Overtime Law Changes Proposed

With new overtime laws presented by the Department of Labor (DOL), 2019 might present some changes to employee payroll for some organizations.


Automatically Load Receipts Into Your Expense Reports

Did you know that emails from travel and expense vendors you use often (like United Airlines, Delta, Hilton, Orbitz, and Hertz among many others) can be automatically sent to your DATABASICS receipt repository?


Why MS Dynamics SL Users Need time & expense Automation

MS Dynamics SL provides essential software for managing your business. Powering up this business tech is just a matter of understanding the possibilities in third-party add-ons that can solve your most pressing business challenges through automation.


How To Track Home Healthcare Mileage More Accurately

Home healthcare workers are truly road warriors. A 2015 study by the Foundation for Hospice and Homecare reported that home healthcare aid givers drove 7.88 billion miles in 2013 to visit more than 718 million patients. To put that in perspective, “Pluto is 4.67 billion miles away and it took 9 years to travel there, while home care traveled...

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