The problem with petty cash

June 9, 2022

A cup of coffee, a quick supply run while on site at a project, a thank you lunch for your team - all paid for out of your petty cash stash. It seems much easier to simply use cash for those small expenses, however, petty cash is fraught with problems that can wreak havoc at your organization. Read full story >

What is a Travel and Expense Policy and How to Improve It (Whitepaper Included)

February 21, 2022

With more companies running hybrid and remote environments, many employees are required to travel from all over the country (or world) for in-person meetings. Managing how travel-related expenses are handled and reimbursed is an important policy consideration. Read full story >

What Is The Typical Business Travel Expenses List?

February 2, 2022

Travel is often an essential part of an organization's growth and success. Do your duties include overseeing travel expenses, one of your company's most significant overheads? If so, you know that effectively managing cash flow relating to company expenses is critical. Controlling and maintaining a ... Read full story >

Expense Reporting Looks Different Post-Pandemic

August 26, 2021

Employee expense reporting has been transformed by cloud computing. What was once an erratic, cumbersome, and unpleasant experience has become a streamlined and dependable process. Though still unloved, software solutions have prioritized user experience, creating systems with tight back-end ... Read full story >

Are you ready for the post-COVID vacation crush?

August 16, 2021

For many businesses, the past year has been marked by improvisation as they effectively transitioned to a remote work environment, adjusted to shifting consumer demands, and even modified their expected outcomes to accommodate on-the-ground realities. Read full story >

Your employees need a break. Here’s how to be more flexible with PTO

August 15, 2021

Even before the recent pandemic kept many people confined to their homes, Americans were leaving vacation time on the table. In 2019, 768 million vacation days went unused, a record at the time. In total, these unused vacation days represent $65.5 billion in earned, but unrealized benefits. Read full story >