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To Fly or Not to Fly — That is the Question

Business travel in the U.S. took an upturn in June, according to our data here at DATABASICS. We do expense reporting for a wide spectrum of organizations and have developed an activity index (we call it the DATABASICS Estimate of Business Travel Index, or the “DEBTI,” for short) based on numbers of expense reports filed by a sampling of our...


Shifty Employers Beware!

You made the most of your office space. You kept employee square footage down with an open plan and maybe even benching. Now with a COVID-conscious reopening, you have to come up–somehow–with a scheme for social distancing. Pretty quickly it becomes clear that the math isn’t going to work.


Measuring Remote Employee Activity

Sure, it’s hard for many employees to work from home, but what about their managers?  Nothing says “Get back to work!” like walking the cubicles. I once had a boss who without making a sound would appear out of nowhere at just the wrong time. We called him “The Feather.” What would The Feather do in today’s remote world? An answer gaining...


A Home Expense Policy: Do You Have One?

In reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic, companies have hit the brakes hard on business travel. At the same time, the pandemic has forced employees out of their offices and into makeshift niches in their homes where they try to get some work done. These two developments have strained employee expense management in ways that caught many...


What Happens To Time Off When Our Offices Finally Open Up

The pandemic will be over at some point. People will emerge from their caves, rubbing their eyes in the sunlight of their restored freedom. During their confinement, those of us who had been working from home may well have built up a sizeable cache of accrued leave.  After all, few are taking vacations right now.

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