Are You Driving Your Policies, or are They Driving You?

February 16, 2021

Policies are the “rules of the road” for running an efficient operation. From signs and traffic lights to speed limits, inspections, and cops, we need driving regulations to help us get to our destinations quickly and safely. Similarly, as team members in a work environment, we need structure to ... Read full story >

Under-Managing Leave Isn’t Good for the Employer or Employees

February 1, 2021

Leave management falls into a category of business processes that is primarily about the employee and not the business. Efficiency, for example, is a secondary concern. Of higher priority are regulatory compliance, consistency with the organization’s cultural values and employee morale. As a ... Read full story >

Use Microbudgeting to Work Smarter and Make Better Decisions

January 18, 2021

A surefire way to make eyes roll in your next meeting is to bring up budgeting. “Here we go again,” people think. Budgeting’s bad reputation is well deserved. In too many instances, budgeting is beset by wishful thinking, erroneous assumptions, inflexibility, make-work analysis and ultimately ... Read full story >

Teamwork and Good Citizenship Go Hand-in-Hand

December 18, 2020

The winter solstice is almost upon us, bringing the longest night of the year. The whole year has felt a bit like that—full of a darkness that is seemingly endless. Still, many of us have much to be grateful for: calamities averted and people stepping up to help others. Read full story >

Efficiency & Accountability: Two Keys to Nonprofits’ Success

December 8, 2020

Please note: This article has been reproduced from Nonprofit Information. Fundraising is vital to many nonprofits, and today’s organizations have to compete ever more aggressively for donations. Read full story >

Employees Are Paid To Accomplish Something. How Can We Measure Remote Employee Productivity?

December 3, 2020

The pandemic has deprived many of us of the in-person presence of our co-workers. We are increasingly aware of how much we depend on interpersonal interactions to maintain a sense of purpose and well-being. Zoom is great, but at the same time, not good enough. We can’t pretend otherwise: the ... Read full story >