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4 Good Home Healthcare Receipt Management Habits

Home healthcare workers are a busy group of people, often more focused on meeting the needs of their patients and improving patient outcomes—and rightly so. However, there is still plenty of behind-the-scenes work that has to be done in order to keep operations running smoothly. Those tasks include completing patient paperwork after...


5 Tools for HCPs to Prevent Expense Report Fraud

Even in 2018, organizations around the world are susceptible to fraud. A 2016 study by the ACFE (Association of Certified Fraud Examiners) found that “the typical organization loses 5% of revenues in a given year as a result of fraud.” For healthcare providers (HCPs), however, this problem can be especially challenging to solve because they...


The Power of Home Healthcare Time & Expense

Home Healthcare organizations make their patients a priority, not their behind-the-scenes administrative tasks like timesheets and expense reports. That's why it's essential to give employees a powerful tool for automating those home home healthcare time & expense tasks. When home healthcare providers are able to focus on their patients, they...


Why It Pays To Do Home Healthcare Project Tracking

Home healthcare organizations may not consider themselves to be project-based, but if they look at their patients or their patient groups as projects, they might see a lot of benefits if they begin tracking time and expenses to those patients.


The Nature of Great Home Healthcare Auditing Software

Home healthcare organizations need to focus on the health and well-being of their patients. However, administrators and managers still need to keep the organization alive on the back end so that employees can continue to be paid for the time and reimbursed for their expenses. One tool to help managers is automated time and expense software with...

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