Concur Competitors & Alternatives (And 4 Ways To Evaluate Them)

In today’s post, we’re thinking about the slippery slope of the “false dilemma” or “black-and-white” thinking. This is the kind of thinking that limits your options, presenting you two options when really, there’s more out there. Here at DATABASICS, we believe that you deserve all the “more” you can get, so we present you with a Concur competitor or alternative: us!

It’s been said that “for large, global organizations that have complex business rules, operate with numerous currencies and tax jurisdictions, and require solutions in multiple languages, the choice is limited to two.” That’s just not true. In fact, there are other options as far as Concur competitors (including us and a few other good vendors) for global organizations in search of time & expense software.

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We know that there may have been times when our competitors wish the innovative solutions we provide would just disappear, but (just like the problems of the “false dilemma”) that’s not how the world works. Instead, we’d like to keep it positive by talking about what does work in the real world. Here are four ways you can measure alternatives to Concur solutions. The alternatives should:

  1. Maintain best-in-industry customer service:

    Our team solves the unique problems of each client. Rather than providing a one-size-fits-all piece of software, we put on our listening ears to think about how to make our product fit the needs of the client, never the other way around.

    In fact, when our customers need support, we literally drop what we’re doing and talk about it as a team. With one email or phone call, our customer support gurus (and even sometimes our VP) gather to come up with the best answer to the client, whom we see as a fellow human and whom we know by name.

    If our customer has a problem, we make it our problem, especially since we think of ourselves as a subdivision of our client’s IT department. That's why we make such an excellent Concur competitor. Check out reviews for support of Concur solutions.

  2. Create an excellent product:

    We’re not afraid to brag about the intricate capabilities of our time & expense software because we’ve put in the hard work that it takes to create that product. Yes, we stand out above the rest in terms of customer support because we go the extra 5,280 feet for our clients, but that won’t matter in the end if the product isn’t reliable and useful.

    We’re able to do more for our clients because our core product does its job well. It’s a dependable piece of complex software designed with people in mind. We got into this business in 1997 because we were accounting consultants and we saw a gap. So, we designed software that filled that gap. Then, we listened to our clients and used their feedback to shape the software into what it is today: a global, innovative, agile, steadfast expense solution to the complex problems inherent in time and expense management.

  3. Do what they say they will do:

    It may sound strange, but we don’t believe in the old maxim of “under promise and over deliver.” Here’s why: it’s not being true to yourself. Under-promising means not being clear on expectations in the hope of wowing the customer later when you do actually come through. But, in the meantime, the client is left with the notion that what they ask for will take a long time, which makes them push back their own deadlines in expectation of delivery at a later time. Plus, under-promising can result in losing the customer because they think they can get more elsewhere.

    Instead, we are just who we are. We tell the truth to our clients so they know what to plan for. We want to maintain clear and honest communication because that’s a basic requirement of doing business. We value honesty so that’s what we give to our clients. Look for any Concur competitor to do the same.

  4. Price fairly:

    We have a single price for all clients, but we make the product fit the client. There’s no price packaging because we give each client everything we have. Everything is included without surprise fees, and that includes the test site and access to our mobile app, global functions, and 24/7 customer support. We think of it like giving every client the premium package.

    We do business differently because we care. And we know it can be done better. This isn’t just doing a job for us—it’s a passion.


Just saying that there are only two options for time & expense software doesn’t make it true. We aren’t going anywhere because we’ve built a time-tested solution and we do business the way it should be done: honestly, fairly, and humanly. Let’s build a partnership today.

For more information on DATABASICS time and expense solutions, contact us, or call (800) 599-0434.

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