Sage Intacct Time & Expense Software Pro-Tips

Sage Intacct is a main player in the Software-as-a-Service cloud computing world, providing "best-in-class" accounting ERP. Organizatons of all kinds use it, but not all of them are taking advantage of what the pros know about Intacct: the time and expense elements of Intacct are crucial. Here's what you should know about Sage Intacct time & expense software:

What are the benefits of Sage Intacct?

  • Simplification: Time and expense management is inherently complicated. Any possibility for making the process for tracking time and doing expense reports is essential.
  • Real-time project management: Spreadsheets don’t always represent the reality of what’s happening with your team as new information comes in and data changes. Dashboards through Intacct show what’s working well (or not) to help you make the smartest decisions about how to meet your goals. 
  • Automation: Supervisors can be notified automatically about expense reports that need approval, which speeds up the reimbursement process.

These are all necessary elements for any company already using Intacct to take advantage of. But, only the real pros know that they can get more out of Intacct through Integrations. We introduce DATABASICS extensions for Intacct:

What do DATABASICS integrations for Sage Intacct actually do?
As the video above about DATABASICS Expense shows, these extensions for Intacct can turn an average Intacct installation into a true single-system employee reporting hub. This centralized system combines HR with accounting with payroll and with T&E for an intuitive one-system experience for employees and admins. Extensions are also an excellent way to de-clutter and organize a complex system.

In essence, DATABASICS does the heavy lifting involved in time-consuming tasks like per diem calculation, multi-level approvals, mobile, OCR, and credit-card & P-card data. Intacct users are still enjoying the Intacct experience, but with the automation & power of an entire time & expense system. The benefit for Intacct users is that they get the most out of what Intacct does best, combined with what DATABASICS does best.

These extensions also help with the most complicated and advanced time & expense requirements. Organizational leaders who are relying on workarounds to get the job done may know that they need something more powerful, but they may hesitate at the task of upgrading. DATABASICS extensions for Intacct can be a practical way of making that upgrade to a more powerful system capable of meeting more heavy-duty (or global) needs.

Where does our Intacct expertise come from?
We built these integrations based on our intimate knowledge of Intacct because that's what we use to run our business. We're a customer too, so we know how essential an extension like DATABASICS can be in providing even more functionality to Intacct. Learn more about what else you should be looking for as you search for a time & expense provider in our FREE guide:

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DATABASICS provides cloud-based, next generation Expense Reporting,
P-Card Management, Timesheet & Leave Management, and Invoice Processing automation. Specializing in meeting the most rigorous requirements, DATABASICS offers the highest level of service to its customers around the world.

DATABASICS is relied upon by leading organizations representing all the major sectors of the global economy: financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, research, retail, engineering, non-profits/NGOs, technology, federal contractors, and other sectors.

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