The Power of Home Healthcare Time & Expense

Home Healthcare organizations make their patients a priority, not their behind-the-scenes administrative tasks like timesheets and expense reports. That's why it's essential to give employees a powerful tool for automating those home home healthcare time & expense tasks. When home healthcare providers are able to focus on their patients, they provide better care.

Every organization should know how much time and effort is being spent on submitting, managing, and auditing employee timesheets and expense reports. If you already find it a challenge to stay on top of paying your Home Healthcare employees for their time and expenses and getting billing done on time, an automated system will make a significant difference to your organization’s bottom line and to how employees spend their time.

Home Healthcare Time & Expense Features

Project/patient tracking
Whether you call it patient tracking or project tracking, you should be able to see how much time and expense is being allocated to each patient/project. Automated software can assist by being flexible enough to accommodate you and the way that you need to gather data, not the other way around. Even if you’re working within a predefined set of clients (which dictates policies, billings, and pay for the user), you need software that can accommodate that. Our software solution helps with this requirement by restricting the view of “patients/projects” within the solution and then enforcing workflows and policies related to that project structure. In the end, the software does the work for you when it comes to managing projects and connecting associated billing.

An easy-to-use system
Home Healthcare organizations just want to get the data they need from their employee timesheets and expense reports on time with the right information from employees. To meet this requirement, home healthcare organizations need software built to be so intuitive that it requires little to no training, which encourages employees to submit their timesheets and expense reports quickly. Employees should be able to quickly get into the system, get their submissions completed, and get out. The right software will also come with a complete cloud-based mobile application that lets employees complete the same tasks on the mobile version as on the desktop version.

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Mileage reimbursement calculations
Many Home Healthcare organizations might not know it, but mileage is a major source of spend leakage. Sometimes employees will over-estimate their mileage, even if it's by a half mile here or there. At the end of a year, those half miles really add up. The best software will provide calculations using Google Maps, making it easy for employees to enter their Start/Stop addresses to get the most accurate calculations. The result can be savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

Combine all your systems into one
Nowadays, organizations might find that they are using dozens of different systems to accomplish a particular task. With a separate system for HR, another for accounting, another for billing, and yet another for this or that essential task, managers and employees can feel overwhelmed, especially if those systems would talk to one another in an ideal world. The power of home healthcare time & expense is that it can bring all of those systems together into an all-in-one platform. There's no manual data manipulation or trying to get information from one system to another to no avail. DATABASICS Time + Expense for Home Healthcare does the work for you, compiling your systems into one powerful platform that sends and receives data from your other applications.

DATABASICS provides an essential solution for your home healthcare timesheet, expense reporting, and leave management needs. Built for the Home Healthcare indsutry, this cloud-based software improves processes and cuts costs. Learn more about what DATABASICS Time + Expense for Home Healthcare™ can do for you.

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