The Nature of Great Home Healthcare Auditing Software

Home healthcare organizations need to focus on the health and well-being of their patients. However, administrators and managers still need to keep the organization alive on the back end so that employees can continue to be paid for the time and reimbursed for their expenses. One tool to help managers is automated time and expense software with home healthcare reporting and analytics. If your home healthcare company is not taking advantage of reporting and analytics, you’re probably missing out on these benefits.

Home Healthcare Auditing and Reporting Software

Free up your administrators

Lighten the workload of your approvers and administrators by running software that manages compliance automatically. Before the approver even sees the submitted timesheet or expense report, the submission is validated against inputted policies, whether those are from the employee handbook, from a government requirement, or from a contract requirement. The system will automatically reject a submission that does not meet minimum standards and will forward submissions that do pass the first validation. This frees up approvers from having to spend time on submissions that would automatically fail.

Automatically show risk level

Expense reports can fail for a number of reasons, some more important than others depending on your organization’s priorities. For you, it may be unacceptable to spend more than $30 on a gas expense, but it’s not too big of a problem if an employee seeks reimbursement for gas of $32. Automated color coding can alert approvers and auditors of higher level problems so that they know to spend more time on orange or red alerts.

Match the software’s workflow to your own

One concern that managers may have about using an automated software solution is that it might not be able to match the organization’s current approval workflow setup. It is true that some systems will force you to change your workflow to match their software; however, this does not have to be the case. The right software will conform to your needs, not the other way around.

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Get audit trails for all employees, from employees to admins

When any change is made to the system, it needs to be automatically logged so that future questions about that change can be easily answered. This is especially important if you have different levels of employees with different kinds of access. Protecting your company from future problems by investing in software that provides a detailed audit trail is a smart thing to do.

Revise policies as you go

If you’ve already written and shared your time and expense policies, that’s only the first step in keeping your system healthy. Policies need annual review to ensure that they’re working effectively and that employees are following those policies. Auditing software can give you valuable insights about which policies are most often failed and which employees have the highest rates of failure. This tells you that a particular policy might need revision because it’s out of date or impossible to meet the requirements for in the real world. This also tells you which employees might need more training.

In the end, home healthcare organizations need a solution to help them maintain compliance with the many rules of their industry. This is especially true when those rules and regulations are continually changing, and yet the company is expected to cut costs and increase standards of care.

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