Expense Reports for Home Healthcare Organizations

Home healthcare organizations make it a priority to provide excellent healthcare for patients in their own homes. However, they still need to operate their organizations effectively and pay all of those home healthcare providers for their expenses on the road, including mileage. That makes managing all of those expense reports (and mileage reimbursements) a real chore that no manager looks forward to.

There are tools to simplify and assist the expense report process, however: automated expense report software for Home healthcare. The trouble is that choosing the right solution can also be a chore because they can all look the same from the outside. This checklist of six necessary features of expense report software for home healthcare will help guide you when choosing the just-right solution for your home healthcare organization.

Expense Reports for Home healthcare Organizations

Patient/project tracking.

Tracking patients and projects should be quick and easy for employees, providing you with essential data about how much it costs to do a particular project or to visit a particular patient. The software should also restrict the view of patients or projects and then enforce workflows and policies related to that project structure.

auditing & reporting tools.

Reporting and auditing are essential for any organization. That's because valuable data hides within your employees' regular duties. Unlock that data with auditing & reporting tools to ensure that there's no fraud going on and that you're making the right decisions for your budget.

Approval workflows & compliance.

Spending time checking every line to make sure that it matches every rule in your handbook is a real headache for managers. Instead, an automated expense report system can automatically pass or fail an expense report and then pass it along to the manager for further inspection. That reduces the workload and leaves approvers to inspect the reports that really do need more careful scrutiny.

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A mobile app without gaps.

The software should come with an easily downloadable mobile app that provides the same functionality on the app as it does on the desktop version, for managers/approvers and for employees.

Capture receipts by photo or email.

Employees should be able to use their own mobile device to take pictures of receipts for storage and for quickly adding to their expense reports.

Mileage reimbursement.

Any organization with a mobile workforce needs a proper tool for mileage reimbursements. The app should be able to not only track mileage, but use a tool like Google Maps to calculate the exact mileage between a Start and Stop point. This makes reimbursements more accurate, reducing over-reimbursement due to estimation.

Because Home healthcare organizations can sometimes find it challenging to get staff paid and get billing/reimbursements done efficiently, DATABASICS has built expense report software to solve these problems. Learn more about how DATABASICS Time & Expense for Home healthcare can help your organization. 

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