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How Nonprofits Can Maximize Grant Spending

No one can deny that this is a challenge-filled time for any nonprofit organization. Their missions may be in more need of funding than ever while opportunities for funding can be more difficult to win and manage. That’s why we’ve come up with this list of must-do’s for any nonprofit looking to more carefully manage their spend down to the last...


Nonprofit Grant Tracking Software Must-Haves

Tracking grants is of utmost importance for nonprofits because grants are their primary source of funding and every bit of funding needs to go as far as possible. Plus, nonprofits need to provide evidence of funds well spent in the past in addition to funds well managed in the present. This brings in the need for excellent and reliable grant...


Nonprofit Time and Expense Software Benefits

Nonprofit organizations have a mission, which means that they don't have the time to worry about employee timesheets and expense reports. However, some of these organizations might realize that they are spending too much time and effort working on spreadsheets by hand to track their time and expense.


Time & Expense Mobile Apps for Nonprofits

Nonprofits might have a large mobile workforce of employees and volunteers. Whether their mission involves a special event or work on the ground in another city or even another country, nonprofits need a timesheet and expense report solution that’s as mobile as their workforce.


3 Reasons to Automate Nonprofit Expense Reporting

Nonprofits are busy working toward what's important: their mission. This leaves little time for managing expense reports manually. Here are three excellent reasons to automate nonprofit expense reporting:

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