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Top 5 Reasons To Bundle Time & Expense

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Time & expense might seem like two separate processes for a reason: after all, they do different things. Back when we were accounting consultants, we noticed a gap in the market for a single-system experience that does both. Since most employees would need both systems, why should they have to log into two separate areas? That’s why we built our products with a focus on the end user experience. The result was a timesheet app combined with an expense report app that became an all-in-one employee reporting package.

Bundled Time & Expense Tracking Benefits:

  1. A centralized employee reporting hub:
    Employees can do their timesheets and file their expense reports in the same place, simplifying the experience and preventing complications. Plus, a single app decreases the workload, allowing employees to get back to their real jobs instead of wasting time on logging their time and doing their expense reports in different systems.

  2. Say goodbye to manual processes:

    Companies that are still using spreadsheets are not just years, but generations behind the curve. If you still need a reason to abandon spreadsheets, we recently compiled 8 reasons to do so. With Time & Expense bundled, you say goodbye to not knowing what’s happening real-time with your employee labor and expense reimbursements and you say goodbye to manually managing compliance by double or triple checking each spreadsheet against the company’s book of policies.

  3. A more impressive system for your employees:
    A system that bring together all your company’s required processes in one place is certainly more impressive than one that requires employees to log in to different systems. From an employee perspective, anything that simplifies the experience in a sleek way shows that the company is innovative and that it cares about the needs of its employees.

  4. One word—Automation:
    From leave management to policy compliance to per diems all the way to P-Card program management, when Time & Expense work together, complex systems can be managed automatically. Plus, data can flow from one system to the other, keeping everything in one place in real-time. Because DATABASICS integrates with all major accounting systems (including Intacct and MS Dynamics) and all major banks and credit cards, combining into a single system will simplify your data transfer headaches.

  5. All the latest innovations in one app:

    Your company should be taking advantage of the latest innovations in Time & Expense. With geo-fencing, you can ensure that employees are accountable for not only when they clock in, but where they clock in. Another innovation, time and attendance in the cloud gets you access to your labor data and timesheet approvals anywhere, anytime. Plus, clock in and clock out modules let employees clock in easily and simply with auto-clock out technology (and complete data verification and auditability). On top of that, OCR (optical character recognition) allows a camera to read a receipt and automatically input the information from the receipt. All the end user has to do is verify and click submit. If you don’t have geo-fencing and time & attendance software with clock in/clock out and OCR, you’re behind the times.

  6. BONUS: Motivate your employees to submit on time!
    Get timesheets in on time when they're tied to expense reports. Employees want to be reimbursed as quickly as possible, which you can do with integrated ACH payments. However, an all-in-one system provides the technology for you require that timesheets are filled out and submitted before reimbursements are disbursed.

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