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Why Staffing Firms Should Go Paperless With Time & Expense

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Staffing firms are often in search of ways to cut down their administrative costs and get billing completed and to get paid faster. This administrative overhead is a huge burden, one that can be reduced easily with a timesheet and expense reporting solution.

Both employees and administrators will appreciate an easy-to-use paperless process. However, each will see different benefits based on their perspective. Here are the benefits that both end users and approvers will see when they use paperless time and expense.

Paperless time and expense for staffing Firms

For End users:

Ease of use
Employees will first see an easy-to-use system that reduces their manual workload. With an intuitive desktop version and a simple mobile app, they can complete timesheets and expense reports more quickly, helping them get their administrative work completed on time. The end result is that they are reimbursed more quickly and are left feeling more satisfied overall.

Whether they are using the desktop version or on a project site using the mobile app, employees have the power to choose how to most effectively get their work done. They can also take advantage of the flexibility to submit receipts their way: via email, by taking picture, or faxing/scanning their receipts. Giving the end user the freedom to get their work done their way helps them feel more in control so that they can get their submissions in more quickly. There’s no reason to procrastinate when they can do the job their way.

Receipt capture is as simple as taking a picture. Your staff can letting the system do the work for them and with tools like Expense EXPRESS and Receipt EXPRESS, employees create instant expense reports with more efficiency and accuracy. Based on a picture of a receipt, the system can “read” the receipt using OCR (optical character recognition) and automatically input the date, vendor, and total into the relevant fields. Then, the user just needs to double check that all data is correct and submit it. Expense reports become a snap.

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For Managers/approvers:

Making sure that every timesheet and expense report follows company rules and even requirements set out by a particular client/project can be a big job. Approvers don’t want to miss something that can cost the company in the future, so it can be a struggle to carefully review each expense report with only a short time to do so. Automated compliance software simplifies this task by automatically validating every submission against inputted policies and sending back submissions that need more information or that fail against those policies. This leaves approvers with a sense of relief and it gives them more time to focus on submissions that do need more scrutiny.

Project/client tracking
Keeping up with how much is being spent on a particular client or project can also be a challenge. With time and expense for staffing, managers can track costs related to timesheets and expense reports based on the project/client and they can control those projects by restricting or assigning those projects/clients to specific staff. At the end of the project (or anytime during the project), managers can also get real-time data related to that project to help them stay on budget and make better informed decisions.

Administrators can get valuable data from the system to learn about how to better manage their systems in the future. If a particular project seems to cost too much in terms of time spent on it or how much employees spent getting the work done, managers can decide whether to take on a similar project (or renew the project) in the future. Having data means having power, so it’s essential to take advantage of a solution that comes with the power to crunch the numbers and provide valuable, actionable insights.

Some staffing managers might be hesitant to bring on a new system since that new system will also require someone to make it work with existing systems. Sometimes that can be doing manual data manipulation to get one system to talk to another. With an all-in-one time and expense staffing solution, your systems seamlessly integrate with one another, from HR to billing, accounting, and even your credit card feeds. This open communication between your systems keeps you up to date without having to manipulate data by hand, which can lead to costly errors.

With both end users and managers to have to please, it’s important to find the right solution. Look for a system that can provide these benefits for both your employees and administrators.

Learn more about how DATABASICS Time & Expense for Staffing can help your organization. 

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