Top 5 Staffing Timesheet Must-Haves

Staffing and recruiting firms have a unique set of needs when it comes to timesheet tracking software. We’ve built this list of timesheet tools and features that anyone looking for timesheet software in the staffing industry should add to their “must-have” list.

Timesheets for Staffing FIRMS

  1. Fast & Simple Entry: Timesheets need to be easy enough for any user with any experience to quickly add their time worked. The process should be simple enough to log in, enter their time, and log out so that that they can get back to their real job. Software built specifically with the user in mind satisfies this requirement.

  2. A Mobile App: This is critical for any staffing organization, especially since so many of their employees work on the road. Giving employees the ability to just download the app and clock in/out with a simple click increases the accuracy of your employee timesheets and reduces the administrative headache of having to remind employees to log their time hours or days later.

    In addition, you should look for software that’s easy to use and won’t require a lot of training, if any at all. When employees can just log in and instinctively know how to make the system work, that means there’s less down time for training.

  3. Integrations With Your Systems: It’s great when a piece of software is intuitive and accessible, but if it doesn’t directly integrate with your billing, payroll, and accounting systems, that means that someone (or several people) will need to be charged with manipulating the data from one system to another. That costs time and money. Instead, look for software that communicates directly with the systems you already have so you can avoid any errors from manual data manipulation and you let the system do the heavy lifting.

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  1. Integrated Expense Tracking: With employees on the road, staffing organizations need a way to accurately track mileage. You can ask employees to calculate their mileage manually, but they may overestimate it so you wind up over-reimbursing them.

    Look for software that integrates directly with Google Maps, which provides accurate route calculations down to the tenth of a mile. All employees should have to do is enter the start and stop addresses and the system does the work for them. This saves you money and saves employees time with automatic calculations.

    As a bonus, look for software that automatically prevents users from being reimbursed for their regular commute. Commute mileage calculation also prevents over-reimbursement, making it an invaluable tool for cutting mileage reimbursement costs.

  2. Client/Project Tracking: Track time associated with each client or each project or even each patient, giving you valuable data on where time is being most spent. The best software will make it possible to adjust these settings to meet the needs of your industry, so look for a vendor who provides you with the tools to work within a predefined set of clients or patients, which helps with dictating and managing policies, billings, and payments in the long run.


  3. A Flexible Approval System: Beware that many software providers will make you conform to their system instead of making the system conform to your needs. With a large workforce, you probably have several approvers and several levels of approvals. Look for software that allows you to configure the approval system to your needs. 

Because staffing organizations can sometimes struggle with getting staff paid and getting billing done efficiently, DATABASICS has built timesheet tracking software with this industry in mind. Learn more about how DATABASICS for Staffing supports can help your organization with its time & expense solutions.

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