USAID Leave Management Best Practices

USAID contractors need to meet all government regulations when it comes to employee leave, but they must also be sure to comply with all grant requirements for how funding is spent. That’s why USAID contractors should be sure to know and follow all the best practices for leave management.

USAID Leave Management Best Practices

  1. Create a leave policy.

    This seems obvious, but if you don’t have policies in place, you can not only be taken advantage of by employees, but you also don’t have much leeway when it comes to approving one instance of leave and denying another.

    Having rules means that you need to do the work of enforcing those rules, but rules can be helpful when you need backup and for easing the minds of your employees. When employees know the rules, they can follow them.

  2. Manage your leave policy properly (including revision when necessary).

    It’s one thing to have a leave policy and it’s another to expect it to run properly on its own. Take advantage of your analytics and reporting tools to analyze which policies are being followed and which ones are most often not being followed. It’s also valuable to have data about who the outliers are in your organization when it comes to too much time taken or no time taken.

    Once you have this data, you can analyze whether your policies need revision, perhaps to make a particular detail more clear or which policies are always being broken because they’re too draconian for anyone to meet those requirements. Revising your policies shows that they matter and that you are willing to make appropriate adjustments to make the organization operate more effectively.

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  1. Document all requests for leave.

    Due to the FMLA and other associated leave laws, it’s essential that all leave requests are tracked. And be sure that those requests are kept private and secure.

    One method to meet these stringent requirements is to use automated leave management software that centralizes all your systems, including HR, timesheets, expense reports, credit card feeds, and compliance.

Regulations will change, so it’s essential to keep up with what’s happening and respond to those changes through an automated leave management system. With an all-in-one system like DATABASICS Time + Expense, you can bring all your systems together under one roof to streamline processes and improve communication. Learn more about DATABASICS’ USAID leave management solution, DATABASICS Time + Expense for USAID Contractors.

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