Time & Expense: The 6 Most Futuristic Things We Did In 2017

DATABASICS has been hard at work all year on creating the innovations that make a difference for employees and administrators all over the world. Here’s a look back at six changes we made in 2017:

  1. Sunshine Act compliance was made simpler. 

    Version 6.4 offered a new way of importing healthcare provider data into your expense reports. This is important if your organization needs to be Sunshine-Act compliant. The direct partnerships with aPureBase and Quintiles IMS (IQvia) opened up domestic and international data to make it easy to look up a healthcare provider’s information (or NPI) and add it to any expense report.

  2. Geo-fencing made it easy to use employee time tracking software to track "who" was working and "where."

    The ability to add a digital perimeter around a particular worksite meant that employers could ensure that employees were only clocking in when they were at their worksite.

    Those in the construction, retail, and medical fields (among others) could take advantage of features that allowed more control over clock-ins/outs. Using their own mobile device (or a shared device like on a kisok), employees could easily log their time and even be automatically clocked out when they left the worksite.

  3. Google Maps made mileage tracking using expense reporting software simpler than ever.

    We partnered with Google Maps to bring their highly accurate GPS data to the mobile app and the desktop versions of DATABASICS. Version 6.3 made it possible to accurately track mileage. Plus, users could add in up to 15 stops along the way to track reimbursement even more precisely.

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  1. Shared approval queue showed the workload more transparently.

    Approvers sharing an approval queue could now divide the work more evenly by establishing filters within the same queue. This made the work more transparent so that each approver could see what their partner had done. You know what they say: sharing is caring. 

  2. NetSuite users got a Level up, making it possible to import their data into the system.

    DATABASICS built a SuiteApp (now on the NetSuite SuiteApp store) to provide a formal tight integration with NetSuite. The NetSuite integration brought together the latest technology in expense reporting with NetSuite’s computing solutions, simplifying the expense reporting process. Customers now had the flexibility to do what they needed, on the web or on their own mobile device.

  3. Nonprofits benefitted from a new partnership with Blackbaud.

    Blackbaud, a supplier of financial software designed for nonprofit organizations with a focus on fundraising, CRM, analytics, financial management, ticketing, and education administration, and DATABASICS worked together to make moving data between the two systems simpler and faster. The direct integration brought together Blackbaud’s systems with DATABASICS Time + Expense.

  4. BONUS!
    We contributed our Thought-leadership to the Time + Expense World.

    In case you missed it, we also wrote a lot about how we see the timesheet and expense reporting indutries. We talked about what we think will be the future of customer service (it'll be more important than ever). We also talked about how we're preparing for the GDPR and the importance of privacy.

    We also provided our opinion about how travel should move from procurement to HR and why we believe that true artifical intelligence is tomorrow's technology, not today.

    We also see that P-Card programs are expanding and if you're looking for global technology, you should be looking for something more than multilingualismWe also have lots of predictions about how voice command will change expense reporting.

We were busy here at DATABASICS this year and we’ll be even busier in 2018! We have even more interesting and innovative stuff to come next year, so we hope you’ll stay tuned. In particular, look for our predictions for how important auditing will be in shaping the landscape of tomorrow's companies. We'll also continue our work on implementing automation to simplify the timesheet and expense reporting process.

Mostly, as we end 2017, we’d like to say thanks to all our customers and partners for a productive year. And thank you for allowing us to work with you. It truly is a pleasure. See you in 2018!

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