USAID Time and Expense Grant Tracking Software Must-Haves

USAID contractors have a particular need for grant tracking since that’s their primary source of funding. When it comes to searching for the right USAID time and expense software, however, it can be difficult to know to look for when it comes to the just-right solution. If you’re still using an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade, especially since you can take advantage of these grant management must-have features.

USAID Grant Tracking Features

  1. Ease of use: This is listed first because it’s so important. It’s nice to have a system with a lot of functionality that will make a real difference to the organization’s bottom line, but if it’s too complex to intuitively use, then that won’t matter much since it’s not useable. Look for a system with a user interface built for its users, whether technical or not.

  2. Compliance & policy enforcement: Whether it’s a government contract or another source of funding, it’s essential to ensure that spending follows the requirements of the grant. The software should have a policy engine powerful enough to automatically validate against the rules established by the contract.

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  1. Budget tracking: This is an essential aspect of any grant reporting software. Managing the budget effectively can be a challenge when using Excel because the data needs to be managed manually. With a software system, the data gets updated in real time so you can see where funds are going and where they’re scheduled to go.

  2. Reporting: Tracking where funding is going is essential because donors and grantors want to know where their donations have gone. Reporting and analytics can increase transparency and give USAID contractors the statistics needed to show how the organization is effectively managing its funding.

  3. Customer support: Just like the first feature listed here, customer support is a must-have for any grant management software. The ability to solve problems as they arise will put your mind at ease. Look for a software provider who can provide 24/7 support in several ways. Evidence of excellent customer support can be found in customer testimonials and reviews, so check for how other customers have been treated.

Grant reporting software can help your organization save time and show more transparency regarding funding, increasing the chances that you’ll earn grants and renewals. Learn more about DATABASICS’ USAID grant tracking solution,
 DATABASICS Time + Expense for USAID Contractors.

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