Top 6 Employee New Year Resolutions

When the new year comes around, everyone starts thinking about what changes they should make. This should extend to our worklives too. We here at DATABASICS are always working toward building a better us. Here are some employee New Year resolutions that we’re working on that any employee can try using in their workplace to a brighter, more productive 2018.

  1. Look for professional development opportunities.

    2018 is the year to go out and try new things, especially when it comes to learning about what’s happening in your industry.

    Look for conferences or gatherings of professionals like you so that you can build your network and get to know the people in your industry. You can also work on joining communities of people in your line of work and engaging in messaging boards or LinkedIn groups. Making connections doesn’t have to be terrifying.

  2. Bring your best self to work.

    We bring a lot with us to our jobs, mentally and physically. Think in terms of our technology—like our smartphones, iPads, laptops, and other devices—but also in terms of our homelife stresses.

    Try to resolve to bring your best self to work, the self that’s well rested, exercised, and mentally alert.  

  3. Be less distracted.

    Our phones and inboxes can bring a lot of distractions to our headspace. Protect yourself by putting your phone on silent or vibrate or DND (do not disturb) mode so that you can stay focused.

    Our phones are also really smart nowadays and can determine whether to send an alert if there’s an emergency. Look into these settings to program your phone for what would constitute an emergency (two calls in a row, for example, or a series of texts).

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  1. Be brave.

    It’s easy to get in the habit of doing things in a certain way, so much so that when we’re asked to take on a new task or try a new method, it can be uncomfortable in a way that affects us negatively and makes us perceive that task negatively.

    Instead, take note of what’s happening in your headspace when you’re feeling uncomfortable with something new. The powerful thing about people is that we have the ability to change our own minds. Take advantage of that ability and replace that negativity with bravery. It could result in a whole new outlook on your job (and even a promotion).

  2. Make your commute happier.

    Your commute can be the worst part of your day, especially since things like traffic and weather are very much out of our hands. Commuting can make you feel powerless and at the mercy of your transportation system, be it the metro, by car, or even by boat. No matter your method of travel, your commute can become a source of positivity if you shift your thinking.

    Stock up on audio books if you’re driving or you could even work on learning a new language. Or, use this time for quiet meditation to prepare yourself mentally for your day ahead. Do whatever it takes to get you in a positive mindset and it can make all the difference to your job.

  3. Get the tools you need.

    92% of employees say that not having the right technology at work makes their job less satisfying. This might be mean doing some extra work to research what the ideal tool would be and then presenting it in a way that will convince your boss.

    In the end, you deserve the right tools to get your job done efficiently and with less stress. If a piece of software, a new piece of hardware, or even a new computer would make your worklife simpler, it doesn’t hurt to ask.

In the end, setting a resolution might seem like a small step to take, especially since so many resolutions are abandoned in the first few weeks. Instead, when you’re making these goals, consider the process for how to implement them. For example, if your goal is to find better software, set aside 30 minutes every Friday to do the research and begin compiling information. Be specific in the how you’re going to accomplish your goal and you’re more likely to achieve it.

Another tip is to track how you’re doing. Seeing progress can be encouraging, so make sure to follow up by checking off what you’ve accomplished or making a chart to see what you still have to do and what’s been accomplished.

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