Ways to Squeeze Every Bit of Value Out of MS Dynamics SL

If you’re looking to expand all that MS Dynamics SL has to offer, look no further than the possibilities afforded to you by third-party add-ons. The flexibility of MS Dynamics SL makes it easy to connect with valuable software that can anticipate and solve your business problems.

Many businesses struggle to manage their timesheets and expense reports in a way that doesn’t bog down their employees and still provides decision makers with all the data they need to make the right choices for their company. It can be difficult to wade through all the software solutions to know what to look for in a timesheet and expense reporting vendor. Narrow down your list by making sure that your timesheet and expense reporting vendor can provide the following features and benefits:

Timesheets and Expense Reports for MS Dynamics SL


The cloud offers essential benefits over a locally installed system, including that your data is available anytime from anywhere. This is especially important for your end users, who will need to access their timesheet, leave accrual, and expense reporting on the go. Plus, the cloud offers security in combination with that flexibility.

simple to complex project tracking.

Tracking projects can be a challenge, especially when it comes to tracking the time and money spent on a particular project. However, there are numerous benefits to tracking project time & expenses in that you get a valuable set of data about that project and you can make better informed decisions about future projects. Whether your projects are simple or complex, the third-party add-on should provide your MS Dynamics SL system with a project tracking tool to match your needs.

Complete integrations with MS Dynamics ERP.

From SL to NAV to GP and AX, your time & expense vendor’s primary qualification should be that it can integrate with your MS Dynamics system. An exemplary vendor should also be able to integrate directly with your current payroll, HR, travel booking, and other major systems.

Complex workflow/approval systems.

Every company is different and has their own unique methods of getting things done. That’s where having the flexibility to arrange your organization’s established workflow comes into place. No matter how your company organizes itself, your vendor should be able to accommodate for your unique needs.

Automated leave management.

Managing leave can be a major headache. Not only is there vacation time with its own system of accrual, but there’s also different kinds of time like PTO, sick leave, bereavement, company holidays, parental leave, FMLA, and more. An automated system makes it easy to manage and approve/deny requests for vacation in addition to all of these other kinds of leave.

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Intercompany accounting/reconciliation

Companies with multiple locations or global branches might have a tough time time reconciling and balancing intercompany accounts. That's because intercompany accounts require a large number of manual processes and time-consuming tasks that are prone to error. The add-on should quickly and efficently match transactions and identify problems related to a single transaction when an issue arises.


If your organization operates globally, you need an MS Dynamics add-on that works in multiple languages, in multiple time zones, and can handle multiple currencies. After all, you want something that works for everyone, not just your employees and admins in one particular location. Plus, the system needs to be ensure compliance with local regulations of each individual location.


Your organization may or may not need these DCAA and Sunshine Act compliance features, but it can be essential for companies that are looking to simplify the workload involved in managing their outside compliance requirements. A basic requirement of any organization, however, is that their policies need to be followed, so a software solution that handles the work of approving/denying timesheets and expense reports based on their company’s rules can reduce administrative workload.

Mobile apps.

Along with cloud-based solutions, mobile apps top the list as far as requirements for any time and expense vendor. Users shouldn’t have to install third-party hardware. Instead, they can just download the app from their device’s app store to instantly access their data. This gives them the flexibility to work on their desktop or on their mobile device from anywhere in the world.


While this might not seem that important in the grand scheme of functionality, it becomes increasingly important as companies expand. They need a solution that will allow their end users to get their work done quickly and efficiently with no or minimal training. This is especially true if they have a mobile workforce spread around the world, making an intuitive interface especially important for global organizations.

Mature products with a long connection to MS Dynamics.

Beyond the simple ability to integrate with MS Dynamics SL, your vendor should also have an established history with Microsoft and should be a Microsoft partner. This can ensure that your investment is with a guaranteed vendor who also has the Microsoft’s trust and their seal of approval.

Get more from your MS Dynamics SL solution with third-party add-ons that reduce your workload, ensure compliance, and free up your resources. Learn more about automated expense reporting and timesheet software add-ons that partner closely with Microsoft.

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