5 MS Dynamics Trends That Increase Your Productivity

Prioritizing productivity is more important than even before, so that's why we've gathered a list of increasingly popular requirements for software that integrates with Microsoft Dynamics. These are five trends to look for when choosing a MS Dynamics ISV partner that will make you more productive than ever.

  1. Mobility & flexibility: The downside of mobile apps is that they often are just “lite” versions of the full software. This doesn’t have to be the case with MS Dynamics, however, when powered with DATABASICS Time & Expense. Access to data (like order history, transactions, and inventory) is available on the device you already carry with you in your pocket. That means that you can get more done—like expense reporting or timesheet approval—on the go.

  2. Worry-free compliance: Regulations change regularly, which is why rules compliance can be a challenge. DCAA compliance, for example, is standard with DATABASICS Time. A system that’s already compliant means you can turn your attention toward your real job, not just managing your job.

  3. Per diem management: Per diems can be tricky, especially for companies operating on a government contracts or a global scale. Fully functional per diem management is a feature of DATABASICS Expense that MS Dynamics users should definitely be taking advantage of. Free up resources from having to manage GSA per diems to increase productivity.

  4. Business decisions that come before technology: An emerging trend in companies is that decisions are made based on what’s good for the company rather than what the current systems can easily manage. That’s because systems like MS Dynamics have a lot of flexibility, so we expect the technology to do the job we need it to do.

  5. Business reporting & data: MS Dynamics combined with DATABASICS Expense & Time is built for the latest in helping organizations understand their employee data. Having information about your systems is ultimately useless unless you understand what that information means for your business. With more user-friendly reporting tools, you can make better decisions about where to spend your most precious resource: your time.

  1. Cloud access: More and more vendors are moving to the cloud because the cloud is accessible and business friendly. Online data storage means that it’s possible to access data no matter what device you’re using or where in the world you are. This increases your productivity because you can work on your desktop in the office, then access it later from your laptop too. Gone are the days of a single-system installation that keeps you productive on only one machine.

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