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Time & Attendance Ideal for Engineering and Professional Services


Keeping accurate track of billable hours – and even billable minutes – is an imperative for engineering firms, professional services firms, and others who measure their services in time increments. While this has long been true for B-to-B firms, B-to-C providers in fields like home health care are now also required to keep accurate time in and time out.

DATABASICS, a leader in time and expense management, now offers the Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Time) as part of its current release, 6.2. Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module) enables firms to measure time-in and time-out for any specific project, to ensure accurate and timely billing, along with an audit trail for clients and regulators.

Features of the Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module) includes the ability to:

  • Track actual time / spend with a Start/Stop clock function for a specific project.
  • Automatically insert hours to a current timesheet.
  • Capture GPS & IP Addresses of both Start Time & Stop Time user.
  • Auto-stop by a specific time frame (based on the user preference).

As with all DATABASICS offerings, the Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module) is available on both Mobile & Desktop browser versions.

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To learn more about the Time & Attendance (Start & Stop Module) contact us or call (800) 599-0434.

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