Why Field Services Needs Time & Expense

Many field services and construction organizations use field services management (FSM) software to manage their operations. Scheduling and tracking jobs, inventories, and matching employees to particular projects are all necessary tasks in the field services industry that this software helps to accomplish. However, some FSM software providers don’t come with the full package of what it takes to successfully run your business, making it necessary for third-party timesheet & expense reporting software to fill the remaining gaps.

So, why should you add time & expense to your FSM? Here are 6 benefits:

Time & Expense For Field Services

  1. Ease of use.

    Timesheets and expense reports are complicated for many reasons. They require constant maintenance and updates by the employee and the administrator. A system built specifically for timesheets and expense reports needs to be tightly configured and thoughtfully designed so that employees can get into the system, get their timesheets and expense reports done, and get back to their real jobs.

  2. Mobile apps.

    Field services employees are often on the road, so they need a software solution that’s as mobile as they are. The app also needs to be as functional on the go as it is on the desktop version so that employees can stay productive no matter the task. Giving employees a fast and easy way to capture their time and expenses also increases user satisfaction and encourages them to do their timesheets and expense reports without the nagging.

  3. Project/work order tracking.

    With a field services deployment, the users may be tracking to work orders or project and to support this, the software should restrict the view of “work orders/projects.” Plus, you can gather data related to these projects/work orders concerning how much time and expenses were allocated and spent on a particular job so that you can make intelligent decisions about similar projects in the future.

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  1. Clock in/clock out (or punch in/punch out).

    Clocking in and out is quick and easy, making exact time worked more accurate. Employees just need to log into the app and click a button to begin their time. Plus, they can do this either from their own smart device or from a shared workstation device that moves with each project.

  2. Mileage calculations.

    Field services organizations can over-spend thousands of dollars (or hundreds of thousands!) when employees estimate their mileage. Time & expense software calculates down to the tenth of a mile for the most accurate reimbursements possible. Google Maps makes it possible for users to simply enter and start/stop address and the system will calculate the exact mileage.

  3. Direct integrations.

    Direct integrations save you from manually configuring data from one system to another. Manual configuration can also lead to rekeying errors and typos that can cost you not only the time it takes to fix those errors, but the cost of errors that can’t be fixed or can’t be found. Field services time & expense software can integrate directly with not only your field services management system, but also your billing, accounting, travel booking, and accounting systems, bringing everything together into one employee reporting platform.

If you’re looking for field services time & expense software, DATABASICS is the solution. With cloud-based timesheets & expense reports, this is DATABASICS Time + Expense For Field Services™ that integrates with your FSM solution to build the complete package. 

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