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Staffing organizations have plenty on their plate without worrying about what’s happening with their internal systems like timesheets and expense reports. What those organizations might not realize, however, is that not having a proper staffing time & expense system in place could be wasting valuable time and money.

Instead, we encourage every professional staffing firm to look at how much time and effort is being spent on submitting, managing, and auditing employee timesheets and expense reports. If your organization is already finding it a challenge just to stay on top of paying staff and getting billing done on time, you might find that an automated system will make a difference to your organization’s bottom line.

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Managing projects/clients/contracts
One thing to think about is how to connect timesheets and expense reports to projects. For staffing organizations in particular, it can be a challenge to track all contracts and ensure compliance for each one. If you have several contracts or clients (which dictate policies, billings, and pay for the user), the software can accommodate that. For example, DATABASICS supports this requirement by restricting the view of “clients/projects” within the solution and then enforcing workflows and policies related to that project structure. This sounds complex, but the end result is that the software does the work for you when it comes to managing projects and connecting associated billing.

Ease of use
A primary concern of staffing organizations is getting the data they need from timesheets and expense reports on time and with accuracy. The answer to this concern is software built to be intuitive enough to require little to no training that encourages employees to submit their timesheets and expense reports quickly. When employees can quickly get into the system, get their submissions completed, and get out, they’re more likely to do their work as they go instead of waiting until the last minute. They’re also likely to be more satisfied with their job and less frustrated with their administrative work. Look for software that comes with a complete mobile application that matches the functionality of the desktop version.

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Capturing mileage & meals
Many staffing organizations might not know it, but mileage is a major source of spend leakage. That’s because sometimes employees—on accident or not—will estimate their mileage rather than calculate it down to the tenth of a mile. The good thing about automated software is that it can do the calculations using Google Maps for your employees so that you don’t end up over-reimbursing for extra mileage. The result can be savings of hundreds or thousands of dollars every year.

Integrating with existing solutions
No one likes having four or five different logins for four or five different service providers, but that’s the way businesses operate nowadays. Adding yet another system that needs administration can make anyone wary. The positive side of an automated timesheet & expense report system is that the software integrates directly with all your other systems, including accounting, billing, HR, travel booking, and even your credit card. The result is that all the systems come together under one roof and don’t need manual data manipulation to stay up to date. All systems work together in harmony to provide you with an all-in-one platform for all your essential business systems.

With a platform built specifically to support staffing companies, DATABASICS helps you bill more efficiently and accurately. Learn more about what DATABASICS Time + Expense for Staffing Firms™ can do for you.


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