[Checklist] 10 Questions For Choosing Expense Reporting Software

Developing strategies for the latest trends in increasing globalization on your own can be a real challenge. In addition to considering the risks and opportunities inherent in going global, business leaders also need to make special considerations for how their expense management system will handle these changes.

What to look for in an expense report app:

We’ve put together the following handy checklist to guide you through making the best decision for your company’s global expense report software needs.

What do you want to accomplish?

Your needs are unique, so you can’t expect all expense reporting systems to work in the same way. Deciding on what matters to you will help your shortlisted vendors detail how they might serve your goals.

What matters most?

Decisions have to be made on what to prioritize; this is particularly true to avoid putting two priorities in conflict.

Who cares about this decision?

Identifying your stakeholders can help you in the long run to make sure that everyone will be pleased with the final decision. Don’t forget about your solution managers, frequent travelers, unions, and work councils.

What pain points specifically need to be cured by this system? 

Consider how the solution can solve the problems submitted by your administrators, users, and system managers.

How can you ensure user acceptance?

Users need to get on board with the solution, so you need to make them happy. However, the accounting department also needs to be happy with the system, so you need the right blend of user-friendliness and efficacy.

See the other five questions to ask in our handy downloadable checklist:

Download Expense Management Data Sheet

Overall, your chosen solution needs to meet local statutory requirements and the policies, processes, integrations, and accounting needs of your company. To really meet this challenge, be sure to take into account all of the answers from the questions posed above. Plus, don’t forget the basics: a solution that prioritizes the customer experience and provides more than just “multilingualism.”

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Get more details on why these are the right questions to ask in our free white paper, "10 REAL Questions To Ask When Choosing A Global Expense Solution."

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