The Future of Time & Expense Add-Ons for MS Dynamics

The time & expense marketplaces are crowded with add-ons that integrate with MS Dynamics. Staying in the know about what’s really ground-breaking and exciting in this marketplace can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve put together this list of all the innovative capabilities of time & expense add-ons for MS Dynamics.

Timesheet and Expense Reporting Add-Ons For MS Dynamics

Mobile apps without gaps

Today, apps for both Android and Apple can provide the whole time & expense system on your mobile device. That means that you can submit and approve timesheets and expense reports from your phone. You can also get notifications for where your submissions are in the approval process and you can do everything you can do on the desktop version from your tablet or smartphone.

GPS (& geo-fencing)

When GPS came onto the market a few years ago, it revolutionized the way that we travel. Nowadays, GPS can even change the way you clock in and out. The system won’t allow clock-ins unless the clock-in device (say an employee’s registered smartphone) is within a particular geolocation. That means that employees are responsible not only for when they clock in, but where they clock in as well. 

Tablets & smartphones as time clocks

The latest trends take physical clocks out of the equation. They’re expensive to maintain and don’t have the latest technology offered by a tablet or smartphone. Instead, employers are asking employees to use a docked iPad or even the employee’s smartphone to clock in for work. With these options, pictures can be taken of users when they clock in and users can even use thumbprints to identify themselves, which prevents buddy punching (a major source of loss for many organizations).

Mileage tracking

Speaking of GPS, mileage tracking can save companies thousands of dollars. When the mileage is exact, the reimbursement is exact, saving valuable pennies that will add up in the end. Google Maps can assist with tracking mileage during and after the drive to make sure that readings are more precise, saving money compared to estimated reporting.

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OCR (optical character recognition) is an old technology made new within the expense reporting world. With this tech, the system can read receipts and input that data into an expense report, filling in the data, vendor name, vendor type, total amount, and more. With this system, the user only has to verify that the information is correct and send it in. Auto-fill is only one part of how expense reports are changing to take the burden of work off the end user.

Leave & accrual tracking

End users love having the ability to just log into their mobile device to see how much time they’ve accrued for vacation or other kinds of leave. This helps them plan time away more effectively and saves a back-and-forth with HR over how much time is available. Leave management helps put data into the hands of the user.


This seems like a simple concept, but integrations make a huge difference to a company’s bottom line. With some systems, administrators have to manually take data from one system and manipulate it so that a second system can read and understand it. This is an error-prone, mistake-filled process that ends only with frustration. Integrations allow the systems to talk directly to one another, pushing and pulling data bi-directionally, making data flow automatically in real time. This means that all of your systems, from MS Dynamics to your CRM to the bank to travel to even specific vendors (like Home Depot or Office Max). Feeds are picked up automatically, saving time and doing the heavy lifting for administrators.

Per diems

Per diems seem simple—just provide an allowance for each day the user is on business travel. However, when it comes to traveling to different countries in one trip or for calculating just part of a day, this becomes a real challenge to manage. That’s why per diem management becomes essential, especially when you have multiple employees away at different times. The system can also automatically calculate the appropriate per diem based on the user’s location (according to the latest GSA rates).

Today, the focus of time & expense add-ons for MS Dynamics is on the end user, and that’s a good thing for employees. In the past, the system was configured to make the Accounting side of the company happy; today, the system is built for user satisfaction while accommodating the complex requirements of the Accounting team.

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