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MS Dynamics users are already taking advantage of an efficient system that improves business processes. But, there’s some innovative technology from third-party time & expense providers that you need to know about to get the most out of MS Dynamics. If you’re looking to power up your MS Dynamics system, be on the lookout for these six offerings:

Innovations that Increase MS Dynamics Productivity:

  1. Web-based solutions vs. physical time clocks:
    Time clocks are outdated. They don’t connect to the Internet, they need maintenance, and they aren’t flexible. Today, companies are looking at web-based solutions that let employees use their own devices or a stationary iPad to clock in. This makes the company look more innovative and it provides an impressive degree of flexibility.

If you’re looking to power
up your MS Dynamics
system, be on the lookout
for these six offerings.
  1. Bi-directional integrations:
    Many providers can provide integrations between their system and another. What’s not made clear, however, is that you’ll be the one manually taking data from one system, manipulating it so that the second system can read it, and then submitting it to the second system. Being forced to manually make the two systems talk to one another wastes time. Instead, look for a system with tight integrations that does all of this work for you and allows data to flow bi-directionally. 

  2. Optical character recognition (OCR):
    This technology allows users to take a picture or send in a receipt and then let the system do the work for you. OCR reads the data on the receipt like vendor name, date, vendor type, and total; then, the system uploads that data into the expense report for you. That means that you just have to verify that the data is correct and then hit submit. Instead of having to DIY your expense reports, they’re DFY (done for you). That’s the future of expense reporting here in the present. 

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  1. Workforce planning automation: 
    Managing how much leave each individual employee has accrued, how much they have left, and who is using what kind of time is a real challenge. That’s why you need a leave management solution that simplifies and automates. Leave automatically adds up in an automated system that lets employees access their time off anywhere, anytime from their mobile device. This leaves employees more in control of their time off and saves an email from being sent to HR.

Instead of having to DIY
your expense reports,
they’re DFY (done for you).
  1. Geo-fencing & GPS:
    GPS has been used to make life easier for many years, but its use in the timesheet & expense reporting industries is revolutionary. Using GPS, employers can set a particular geo-location as the work site so that employees can only clock in within those parameters. Then, GPS also allows automatic per diem calculations based on location. This is another DFY (done for you) solution that will simplify the complexity of time & expense.

  2. Complete mobile app: 
    Many apps only allow partial functionality, which isn’t enough if you’re an administrator or if you need to do something complex from your mobile device. Instead, you should look for a mobile app that allows you to do everything that you can do on the desktop version, whether that’s submitting or approving a timesheet or an expense report. Another concern is that many apps offer separate apps to take care of separate jobs. Approvers might have one app while end users have a different app. That’s not how it should be done. Everything should be together in a single system.

A major trend happening with MS Dynamics ISVs is a focus on the end users. In the past, the primary goal was to make life easier for the accounting side of the company. Today, end users and accountants need to be happy with a single solution. On top of these six innovations, look for a solution that makes everyone happy.

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