The 7 Most Promising Tools to Drive Business Growth

We’ve compiled a list of the seven most promising tools that will not only drive business growth, but when paired with DATABASICS Time & Expense will significantly increase your company's bottom line

Business tools software for decision making & increased growth:

  1. sageintacct_logo.png

    Sage Intacct
    As best-in-class accounting software, Intacct is a major tool for increasing your productivity, reducing the time it takes for AP processes with a system that’s agile and powerful.

    DATABASICS provides an extension for Sage Intacct that VP of Business Development Scott Lumish says is “a fantastic addition to the Intacct Marketplace.” The DATABASICS extension combines Time & Expense with Sage Intacct into an all-in-one employee reporting system. Take advantage of cloud-based software with flexible approval structures, automated T&E policy management, and flexible reporting periods.

  1. Microsoft-Dynamics-Integrations-DATABASICS-1.png

    Microsoft Dynamics: The full suite, from Microsoft Dynamics AX to Microsoft Dynamics SL, integrates with DATABASICS to make tracking, compliance, reporting, and analyses simpler and easier.

    With a clean user interface that decreases technical confusion and automated policy management, per diem management, and cost accounting, you’ll be more productive than ever. Coupled with our Time & Expense solution and you've got a state-of-the art business intelligence system.

  1. 2000px-American_Express_logo.svg-1.png

    American Express
    : AMEX is a major player in the credit card business, accounting for more than ¼ of U.S. credit card transactions. Companies can trust in this provider in customer service and dependability in service.

    The DATABASICS AMEX integration supports credit card transaction load and is PCI DSS Compliant. Managing P-Cards and credit card transactions is made easier with delivers out-of-the-box functionality, allowing users to populate expense accounting lines with credit card data and works with most credit card suppliers and banks to schedule P-Card or Credit Card Transitions on daily basis. With support of not only company payment cards, but also company payment cards, employees and employers can use AMEX the way that works best for them.

  2. brand-716029-edited.gif

    As a leading provider of HR management software and services, ADP has been ranked as a top company several times over the last decade. This well-known payroll software creates an opportunity for enhanced data-sharing across your applications, so that you can accomplish other tasks and let the system do the heavy lifting for you.

    The integration we provide integrates with ADP Earning Code and Deduction Code. The system computes the Cost Effective Rate for Salaried employees based on the standard working hours. Also, the system sends Leave Hours Taking and Over Time Hours.

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  1. The_Infor_logo.png

    : Infor is an international enterprise software provider that offers accounting/ERP software that benefits industries with specific industry-specific adaptations, such as pharmaceutical companies, retail, professional services, non-profits, and federal contractors.

    Our Time & Expense software integrates with ACDBTRANS, Time and Expense Entry Interface (AC542), Company, Accounting Unit, Activity, Account Category, Resource Assignment, Job Code, and Labor Category.

  2. MedPro High Resolution Logo.png

    MedPro Systems
    : MedPro is a leading provider of healthcare license solutions to the life science industry. Compliance and transparency can be a real challenge for medical and life sciences companies. MedProID is the answer to those challenges. Their system minimizes employees’ effort across the spectrum of smart, mobile devices helps them get back to their real jobs.

    As a benefit to employers, using MedProID with DATABASICS means an end to frustration, excessive costs, and opaque processes.


    Meridian Global Services: As a pioneer of VAT Reclaim for corporations, Meridian Global users benefit from their expertise in all areas of the VAT reclaim process. Reducing risk and improving compliance are their specialties. 

    DATABASICS provides Meridian Global with increased access to data, allowing them to influence the VAT reclaim cycle earlier than ever, speeding up processes. Together, it creates a process specifically for your company, managing your Foreign and Local VAT on both T&E and AP invoices. 

DATABASICS provides unmatched flexibility and adaptivity for the future, integrations make allowances for the past (what you’ve already decided to use), the present (real-time bi-directional data flow), and the future (system decisions you will make in the future combined with growth/acquisition).

If you're interested in seeing if we integrate with your systems (though the answer is decidedly yes!), reach out to us and discover how together we can help drive your business growth.

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