Benefits of Mobile Staffing Timesheets and Expense Reports

Staffing organizations have workers on the go constantly, plus they have a large mobile workforce, which can make it challenging to keep up with timesheets and expense reports. That’s where the need for a mobile time and expense solution comes into play. These are the top benefits of a staffing mobile time and expense solution.

AUTOMATED Mobile STAFFING Timesheets And Expense reports

Receipt capture & management

Managing paper receipts can be a pain for employees and administrators. They can get damaged or lost, leaving no way to prove a purchase. A mobile app can make this much simpler by giving staffing employees the ability to take pictures of their receipts and store them in the system until they need them for their expense report. Receipts are captured and stored digitally, making it unnecessary to carry around all those little pieces of paper.

Instant expense reports

The mobile app also makes it possible to submit instant expense reports with features like Receipt EXPRESS. Employees just take a picture of a receipt, let the app “read” the receipt using OCR (optical character recognition), and then input relevant data like data, amount, and vendor into the expense report automatically. Then, the employee double checks the data and submits it. That’s all there is to it when it comes to instant expense reports.

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Expense approvals are easy and fast

Approvers also have the same ability to do their administrative work on the go. Expense approvals are easy because admins can access the same functionality on the app as they can on the desktop version. When approvers can approve or deny expense reports on the go, they can approve or deny expense reports as they come in to get employees reimbursed more quickly. The result is that managers and employees are happier and more satisfied.

Stay in the know with notifications

Employees and admins can get automatic notifications fed directly to their home screen as their timesheets and expense reports move through the approval process. When employees can see where their expense reports are in the process, they feel more assured and more satisfied in the system.

GPS & geolocation tracking with geo-fencing

Geolocation combined with employee timesheets makes it possible to track where employees are when they clock in or out. Using technology called geo-fencing, staffing organizations can create a digital perimeter around a particular work location. This ensures that employees can only clock in when they’re within that perimeter. Plus, it can automatically clock out employees when they leave that location in case they forget to log out.


When you have a lot of employees, you don’t have time to train each one on a new system. With a mobile solution, it should be as easy as downloading the app from the employee’s regular app store using their mobile device. Then, the app should be intuitive enough to submit timesheets and expense reports without having to go through a complicated training session. In just a few clicks, employees can complete their required administrative work.

With all of these features, staffing organizations can’t afford to miss out on the benefits of mobile time and expense software for staffing. DATABASICS has developed and built timesheet and expense report software to solve problems specifically for mobile staffing organizations. Learn more about how DATABASICS Time & Expense for Staffing™ can help your organization. 

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