Why Government Contractors Need Mobile Time & Expense

Mobile apps are no longer just a fancy “nice-to-have” feature for federal contractor organizations. Today, they’re a requirement to meet the needs of employees and subcontractors who work remotely and need to get their timesheets and expense reports done quickly and accurately from anywhere, anytime. When you’re looking for time and expense software, look for a solution that provides these must-have federal contractor mobile time and expense features.

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR Mobile Time and Expense Features

  1. Same functionality, different method of access
    The mobile version of the solution should not be a “lite” version that allows only partial functionality. The mobile version should be an alternative point of access with the exact same capabilities as the desktop version. That means that every aspect of expense reporting and timesheets should be accessible through the mobile app, for end users and for  managers/approvers.

  2. Home screen notifications
    Your mobile time and expense solution should provide notifications of relevant data directly to the home screen. This allows administrators to see when submissions come in for approval and allows employees to see where their submission is in the approval process. Users can also get notifications of missing timesheets or expense reports based on the company’s policies.

  3. Receipt capture & OCR
    The mobile app should allow your employees and subcontractors to take pictures of their receipts and store them in the system for easy access later. Then, they should be able to use that picture to auto-fill relevant data fields from the receipt into their expense report, including vendor name, date, and amount. That saves the end user from entering each field manually. All they have to do is verify and submit

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  1. Ease of use
    Providing a mobile solution gives users another access point so that they can do their administrative work in their own way. The app should be intuitive and thoughtfully designed for real people to use it. Employees and subcontractors can use their own device, which gives them the opportunity to do their work as they go rather than waiting for it to pile up at once. They no longer have to dread doing their administrative work.

  2. Geo-fencing
    Geo-fencing is technology that allows admins to create a virtual perimeter around a particular set of coordinates. Then, your staff can only clock in when they’re within that perimeter. This prevents buddy punching and ensures that staff only clock in when they’re within the worksite coordinates.

  3. Simple time & attendance
    Using their own smart device, whether that’s a phone or a tablet, employees and subcontractors should be able to quickly log into the system and begin logging their time with the click of a button. Then, they can change tasks or stop working with another click. Or, they can manually enter their time into their timesheet. Either way, logging time on their mobile device provides the opportunity for more accuracy since employees can log their time as they go.

Mobile time and expense for government contractors provides more flexibility and efficiency for federal contractor organizations. Plus, it meets the high technological expectations of today’s workforce. Learn more about DATABASICS for Federal Contractors™

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