How "Mobile-First" Thinking Simplifies Expense Reporting

Employees and employers are facing two major and somewhat contradictory challenges moving into 2017. The first is that a new concept-turned-buzzword is making its way through the Internet: “mobile-first.” According to a January 2017 post in the SD Times, mobile-first is now standard as a result of the fact that we spend more time than ever before searching and working and playing on our mobile devices. The second challenge is that it can be difficult to move employees (and even employers sometimes) into the present.

The mobile-first concept comes from the way Google changed its web-crawlers to search for websites with mobile compatibility, meaning that Google performs mobile-first indexing that shows only those websites with mobile compatibility.easy expense management system on phones

Meanwhile, a 2015 USA Today article announced that more than half of business travelers were paying for their expenses themselves just because they didn’t want to do the work of filing an expense report. Here at DATABASICS, we are bothered by the idea that expense reporting is such a headache that these employees don’t even bother.

It’s never been more true than now that consumers and buyers want both more and less; they expect their products to do more of the work using less effort. That’s why it’s essential to emphasize products that exemplify “S.I.M.”-thinking: shorter, interactive, and mobile.

Whether it’s fees, tolls, or tips, filing the expense report should be worth the hassle of getting reimbursed. That’s why there should be flexibility in the way expense reports are filed. This way, users can decide whether they want to use their mobile device to take a snapshot of the receipt, whether they want to connect their credit card to their account, and whether they prefer to scan, upload, and/or fax receipts.

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Either way, the company’s time and expense vendor should be responsible for providing the ability for users to make this decision.

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