Tips For Gov't Contractor Leave Management And Policy Enforcement

Managing leave has become increasingly complex and more complexity means that federal contractors are spending even more time manually managing employee leave. For government contractors, leave can create concerns about liability if you don’t have the proper safeguards in place.


In a perfect world, your federal contracting employees would always follow policy. For the federal contracting organization that wants to more efficiently manage leave, here are a few steps to save time enforcing policies:

1. Make sure that your policies specifically apply to Most-often Encountered Scenarios.

While you can’t endlessly write policies for every single problem that might or might not come up, you can look at the kinds of problems that most often come up and establish a process for those kinds of problems. Using reporting and analytics, as well as an auditing tool, can give you the data you need about what kinds of leave are most often taken. This saves the time and headache of solving problems individually over and over again.

2. Enforce policies FAIRLY.

This should be a given, but sometimes there are one-off situations that can cause tension between employees. Having specific policies that are applied fairly can just be a matter of having policies to begin with. Try to avoid exceptions and be as transparent as possible.
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3. Set up an approval process.

Part of being transparent with leave requests is to have a transparent process in place. This would be a specific resource for all employees to turn to for submitting their leave. Then, the system should create notifications for managers and give employees updates as the request moves through the system.

4. Manage exceptions/escalations.

Problems are bound to arise, even in the most ideal of working conditions. Exceptions and escalations represent a change in the usual flow of the leave management process. The important thing is to be open to communicating about the problem and work toward a solution within your range of constraints. With notifications for both employees and admins, managing this process becomes simpler because both know what’s happening in the system as the request moves forward.

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5. Ensure reliable reporting.

Everyone needs to trust the data you’re managing, whether you’re a manager or an associate. When data doesn’t have to be manually manipulated, there’s less room for error. Spreadsheets and paper processes can be prone to error, whereas an automated process makes it simpler for federal contractors to capture submission requests down to the second and for leave accruals to be accurate.  

For government contractors looking for a just-right solution for leave management, taking these steps using automated leave management software will solve problems ahead of time so that employees can focus on their government work. 

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