Brave New World of Mobile

For organizations, mobile is not a question of “yes” or “no”—it’s a question of “how”. 

It’s a new work platform that promises to overtake the PC.  Yet like the PC in its early years, there are few standards and reliability is often a challenge. What works on an iPhone 4S may blow up on an iPhone 6.  Plus vendors cannot upgrade your software without Apple’s approval which under the best of circumstances means appreciable delay. 

Other suppliers are more permissive, but today’s mobile environment is a step back from the mature, orderly, browser-based world to which organizations are accustomed. Still, we are all forging ahead.  Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) is increasingly common way of provisioning employees as are mass tablet purchases. In the rush to ride the wave rather than be swept away by it, many vendors are producing apps that are “dumbed down” versions of their standard products. 

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Some don’t even have a standard product, but hope to cash in on a disruptive new technology.  For all the justifiable excitement about mobile, business requirements for expense reporting and time tracking remain what they have been: oftentimes complex and not easy to implement on mobile platforms.

Our approach is to make sure that our mobile versions represent a real advance in productivity and not an unacceptable compromise.

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