What is this Perfect Trip Concur keeps talking about?

SAP is buying Concur Technologies.  Concur will certainly become more of a player globally in travel expense management.  SAP will gain a foothold in Concur’s accounts, but will be hard-pressed to figure out what else to sell the smaller customers.

The big news, though, is that it’s now official: Concur is no longer cool.  While Concur has been “the man” for a while, the company has been struggling against it—buying TripIt, investing in start-ups, dreaming up the “Perfect Trip,” crowding into the selfies that Uber et. al have been taking.  

SAP is not cool.  Nothing it touches is cool.

Also, we finally have an answer to question “What is this Perfect Trip Concur keeps talking about?” Turns out it’s a trip to the bank.

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