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10 Ways Time & Expense Supercharges Fleet Management Software

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Fleet management software is becoming a forefront solution for businesses built around transportation. Companies need a way to accurately track GPS miles, ensure compliance, and increase productivity while keeping up employee satisfaction. Here are the top 10 ways that Time + Expense supercharges fleet management software:

Time + Expense that supercharges Fleet Management SOFTWARE

  1. Automation. Automation. Automation: From workflows and approvals to creating instant expense reports, automation reduces errors, decreases employee fatigue, controls costs, ensures compliance, and supercharges productivity.

  2. GPS Mileage Tracking: You need a system that leverages GPS mileage tracking and IP addresses to automatically log mileage, giving you full GPS data transparency. Coupled with an audit module, you get full audit trails with historical data.

  3. Mobile Access: Employees need a quick and easy time tracking and expense reporting solution. A mobile app gives managers the ability to approve timesheets and expenses from their smartphone.

    Plus, receipt capture software gives employees a way to create instant expense reports that only require a quick review of the populated data. Letting the system do the work increases productivity (as well as employee satisfaction).

92% of employees say that having the technology
to do their job efficiently
affects their work satisfaction (HR Software). 
  1. Geo-Fencing: To ensure that your employees are in their designated radius or job site, you need a system that keeps employees accountable for not only when they clock in, but where they clock in too. For complete geo-fencing control, businesses need a system that eliminates the opportunity for buddy punching and offers a full audit trail.

  2. T&E Management: Employees who require personal reimbursement need an easy way to do expense reports and be reimbursed quickly so their money is not in limbo. Other employees who use a company credit card need a solution that automatically recognizes the spend type (such as hotel, meals, travel, etc.), making it easier to submit expense reports. The ability to pull in credit card data and create instant expense reports will supercharge your T&E management. 

  3. Leave Management: An automated leave program gives employees real-time access to their available time off and makes it easy to submit a leave request; they don't have to ask payroll every time they want to see their leave balance.

    With built-in business rules and compliance, managers will not have to rely on juggling inaccurate spreadsheets and company policies. As a bonus, having the right leave system also provides visibility into resource planning for future projects so that management can easily see who is in the office and when.

  4. A System That Pays For Itself: Companies want to make good long-term investments and they need to see value and ROI in the systems they purchase. For procurement teams, it can be tough to put a quantitative value on productivity. Time + Expense opens communications between your business systems, enabling organizations to save time and control costs across all critical departments.

    Businesses need a "future-proof" system that will scale with them when they grow, and they need system that seamlessly integrates with existing and future ERP, HRIS, CRM, travel, payroll, and finance systems. For your company's bottom line, you need a system that lives up to its promises and does not nickle and dime you as you grow. 

A large organization needed a solution to better track mileage. They did not have the proper process or controls in place, which resulted in substantial spend leakage. DATABASICS provided an automated system that accurately tracked commute mileage, saving
$200,000 on unnecessary reimbursements

  1. Built-in Compliance: From business rules to the ELD (electronic logging device) mandate, it is imperative for companies and employees to be compliant. A system with built-in compliance does the heavy lifting for you, ensuring that only compliant submissions proceed.

  2. Scheduled Analytics With Customizable Dashboards: What's the point of having access to all that data if you can't put it to good use? Customizable, robust reporting software enables companies to make better business decisions, update company policies, and schedule reports so that the data comes directly to your inbox.

  3. Customer Service: Your business needs to have a first-class support team that knows the ins and outs of your business and its unique requirements so that they can resolve issues in real time. No one wants their problems solved by someone who reads off a generic script or, even worse, does not know the system inside and out. All of DATABASICS' award-customer service teams are continually trained and tested on their knowledge of our systems and all of our reps are located in the U.S.A.

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