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Why Switch To Mobile Timesheets

Why Switch To Mobile Timesheets
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Mobile timesheets are a proven optimization for any organization looking to automate complex time tracking processes. Nearly gone are the days of tracking labor hours on paper, and punch clocks are not far behind. Software solutions are eclipsing these limited, cumbersome entry methods. In turn, many software-based time systems are themselves becoming obsolete. With an estimated 48% of the globe accessing the Internet through a mobile device, mobile, cloud-based (“mobile-first”) systems are rapidly becoming the standard for employee time reporting.

Mobile-first applications clearly are more convenient for much of today’s workforce, but they have other major
benefits. Timesheets are a great illustration of the impact they can have. One of the biggest challenges with time tracking for employees is how to access their time no matter where they are.

Mobile timesheets can offer a single solution in a timesheet app that works for all types of employees, improves accuracy, provides greater accessibility and control, and promotes more timely, effective communication. In short, mobile timesheets can save a lot of money and enhance organizational performance.

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Increasing Accuracy, Getting More Accessibility, & improving Communication

With the flexibility offered by mobile technology, a single timesheet solution can serve the whole spectrum of time capture requirements within an enterprise. Hourly workers no longer need a separate solution from administrators,
consultants, salespeople, executives, and others. Each category of employee can receive forms that are appropriate to the work they do without extraneous fields. A single system streamlines administration, speeds processing, increases transparency, reduces error and typically results in significant savings in hard costs.

Learn more about how DATABASICS Time can improve your timesheet tracking system with a mobile solution built for today's employees in our white paper, "Why Switch To Mobile Timesheets: A Proven Optimization For Your Business."

Why Switch To Mobile Timesheets

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