What HR People Say About Company Policies & Compliance

The June 7th SHRM #NextChat polled the HR experts on the problem of employee manuals. The question of the day: Should employers do away with their manuals? Here are some highlights from the conversation about policies & compliance.

Creative employee manuals: Is the best employee manual the one that doesn't exist?

What are the good aspects of policy?

A1 If the policies are written as a reflection of the org’s culture, they can be a powerful resource. #Nextchat https://t.co/vLtw3ZXWJb

— Christopher Orozco (@ChrisOrozco72) June 7, 2017


Written policies can provide clarity around expectations if there is uncertainty & allow all leadership to have the same message. #nextchat

— Wendy Dailey (@wyndall93) June 7, 2017


What about policies that do more harm than good...

Like Policies concerning social media?

I'm against them in general. But that's just me. :) #nextchat https://t.co/p1ss7ynTmx

— Mary Faulkner (@mfaulkner43) June 7, 2017


And getting the job done?

A2 They can take away the autonomy our people need to do their jobs, especially in complex and varying situations. #Nextchat https://t.co/kshiDt94Ca

— Christopher Orozco (@ChrisOrozco72) June 7, 2017

And What About attendance POLICIES?

Most times employment policies aren't as agile as they need to be. Or should I say flexible. They don't change with the times #nextchat

— sicario (@DAVIDUZZZI) June 7, 2017


I loathe attendance policies. Can't we just come to work like adults? #nextchat https://t.co/NMnlfcd5D8

— Kelli S.,PHR,SHRM-CP (@HrMillennial) June 7, 2017


A3 Give employees discretion & support them when they need leave FOR ANY REASON. #nextchat

— Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing) June 7, 2017


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What are the takeaways?

And don't let rules get in the way of ethics and morality. If policies prevent risk, kindness and fairness is a better answer. #NextChat https://t.co/RdwAA1rbg0

— Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing) June 7, 2017


A3 Never use a policy when what you really need to do is train people on what matters and why. #nextchat

— Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing) June 7, 2017


What steps should you take with your policies?

Ask why.

I got myself uninvited to policy reviews because I always ask "but why?" And some of the 30 yr employees hated it. #Nextchat

— Kristina Minyard (@HRecruit) June 7, 2017


Put people first.

Process over people. Never a good idea. #Nextchat https://t.co/JTzBBPgwhV

— Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing) June 7, 2017


A6 Genuine care is key here, not a policy. We need to build relationships/trust with our people in order to fix performance. #Nextchat https://t.co/j8zClGwWsy

— Christopher Orozco (@ChrisOrozco72) June 7, 2017


Talk about it.

We've done something radical by "talking" w/ our emps on purpose every. day. - It's drastically reduced discipline situations !! #nextchat

— Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) June 7, 2017 

A7 2 Use your lack of policy as an opportunity to connect. Listen, learn, guide. #nextchat

— Heather Bussing (@heatherbussing) June 7, 2017


And if they could write better policies in just 140 characters:


A8: Being present is not mandatory, though you are responsible for completing your projects on time and on budget. #HR #nextchat

— Sean Mitchell, CHRL (@RealSeanatello) June 7, 2017 

A8: PTO - Enjoy your time off and don't check in. We'll be fine and can't wait until you come back renewed and refreshed !! #nextchat

— Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) June 7, 2017

Social Media

We trust you to be smart on social media. If you wouldn't say it in front of your grandma, don't type it about our company. #nextchat

— Tess Ausman (@CLTleads) June 7, 2017 

A8: Social media is another form of communication. So, communicate well. We know you will !! #nextchat

— Steve Browne (@sbrownehr) June 7, 2017


On Policies Themselves

A8 The policy for all policies: be good to each other. #Nextchat https://t.co/GtOxImDHcp

— Christopher Orozco (@ChrisOrozco72) June 7, 2017


The only policy you need: "Do the right thing." #nextchat

— Micole Kaye (@socialmicole) June 7, 2017


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