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Top 8 Timesheet Playlist Jams On Spotify

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Following the success of our first Spotify playlist (Top 10 Songs To Listen To While Filing Your Expense Reports), we’re excited to bring together another playlist to keep your spirits up as you log your timesheets. We know that it doesn’t usually take too long to track your time, but still, here are some odes to time and all the good things that we have ahead (like the weekend).

  1. Friday I’m In Love–The Cure

    Maybe it’s actually Tuesday when you’re filling out your timesheet, but still, this anthem to Fridays will keep you inspired to keep it up throughout the week.
  1. Too Much Time On My Hands—Styx

    By request, we’ve added this song to our playlist to honor that feeling you get when you leave the office on Friday at 5 p.m. with the whole weekend ahead of you.
  1. Time Is Running Out—Muse

    Then, suddenly it’s Sunday night and the weekend has flown by. At least this rock jam will wake you up on Monday morning. Just remember, if you stay busy, the week will feel like it’s running out too!

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  1. One Last Time—Ariana Grande

    Stay motivated with this upbeat pop jam from Arianda Grande. A cup of coffee and this song will keep your brain awake through any Monday morning meetings that *ahem* someone scheduled.
  1. There Will Be Time—Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal

    This soft rock-indie ballad reminds you to just keep working and before you know it, it’ll be Thursday. Keep plugging in those numbers, adding your time, but also adding up your accomplishments. Remember that hours logged are tasks done.
  1. Friday—Rebecca Black

    “Yesterday was Thursday, Thursday. Today, today is Friday.” This classic teenage anthem made Rebecca Black famous for her love of this day of the week. Maybe we don’t always say it, but everyone is looking forward to the weekend. “I don’t want this weekend to end!” Rebecca Black says, but it must.
  1. One Last Time—Christopher Jackson & Lin-Manual Miranda

    This Hamilton tune is a reminder of the power of time and all that we get to do with our time. If you’re not familiar with Christopher Jackson, you’re sure to love his smooth, soulful voice in the role of George Washington as he sings “I wanna talk about what I learned, the hard-won wisdom I have earned.” It’s an unusual choice, but it’s sure to keep you motivated to log your time so that maybe your accomplishments will also be kept 200 years from now.
  1. Better in Time—Leona Lewis

    A pop ballad from the winner of The X Factor (and also known as this generation’s Whitney Houston) keeps up positivity going into the new week. “It will all get better in time” is right, Leona Lewis!

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