Top 8 HR Blogs You Should Be Following

HR is a unique world of people working for people, but it’s also a job that comes with plenty of challenges to overcome, whether that’s in providing resources or solving problems. The only real way to stay on top of what’s happening in HR is to follow the leaders in HR to see what discussions are happening and what technologies are making the job easier.

We present eight essential blogs all about HR that will help you stay up-to-date on the essential trends and conversations happening in HR.

  1. Get Hppy

    This is a blog that calls itself “The HR & Employee Engagement Community.” It’s full of articles for HR leaders and for employees written by experts in HR. Topics include HR trends, happiness at work, company culture, and talent management in addition to a large section on employee engagement. It’s a positive place with good reads related to what’s happening today in the workplace.

  2. Evil HR Lady

    This writer takes the persona of the “evil HR” person, which she says is in the HR job description. She writes from the perspective of clarifying the seemingly strange things HR might do. Her goal is to help out the average employee with advice and ideas on how to help you be more productive and be happier at work.

  3. SnackNation

    This unusual space on the web might have originally been a snack delivery service, but nowadays it’s also a blog updated often that discusses workplace issues like the emergence of millennials and running productive meetings on top of tasty tidbits about snacks. This is definitely worth adding to your list of daily reading material.

  4. Christopher in HR

    Christopher says that professionally, he is “a mediator, counselor, investigator and problem-solver now for more than 30 years.” The blogs posted here are informal in tone, but they are important in their message; plus, they’re always thoughtful and practical with writing that is clear and engaging. This one will pull you in for a while as you wander across the wide breadth of topics concerning worklife & HR.

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  1. HR Bartender

    From career advice to management tips, Sharlyn Lauby provides a place for HR professionals to discuss workplace life in an informal way. The site is a resource for not only HR leaders, but people (employees and managers alike) in search of conversation about their work life. The content is practical and it comes highly recommended from the Society of Human Resource Professionals (SHRM).

  2. The Chief Happiness Officer Blog

    This blog is written by the founder of Woohoo Inc. and, as its title suggests, Alexander Kjerulf’s goal is to make people happy at work. With topics on leadership, motivation, stress, philosophy, and politics, this blog is for employees and HR professionals looking for some positivity. Be prepared to spend a while digging through some positive, practical content if you find yourself here.

  3. Good & Co.

    This is a fun place for employees to learn more about themselves and find good advice to move your career forward. From personality quizzes to data & infographics, Good & Co. represents a place of positivity for employees and managers alike.

  4. TriNet HR Blog

    This blog is a place for HR professionals to learn more about trends in the field. Sponsored by TriNet, a full-service HR provider, the blog discusses topics like culture, small businesses, advice for entrepreneurs, and diversity among many others. They update often, so this is one that will definitely keep you updated on what’s happening in HR.

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