Top 8 Business Travel Booking Integrations


Booking travel through your expense reporting app is easy and fast with tight travel booking integrations. While some systems work with only a specific kind of booking software, the advantage of integrations is that you choose your vendor and the DATABASICS system already integrates with it.

Travel Booking Software Integrations for Expense Reporting

Here's our list of the top travel booking integrations for connecting your corporate travel with your expense report software provider:

1. atlas-435205-edited-398837-edited.png

Atlas Travel: Atlas Global Travel Management has been in the industry for a long time: more than 30 years. That's why it's a trusted partner for helping customers book travel efficiently to save time and money. Atlas Travel integrates tightly with DATABASICS Expense.

2 macnair-526208-edited-372602-edited.png

Macnair Travel Management: Whether it's for corporate travel, meetings and group travel, or vacation, Macnair takes the work out of travel. The integration with DATABASICS allows users to bring together all their trip information into one place.

3. nutravel1-856353-edited.png

NuTravelWith its adaptable booking and management travel tools, nuTravel offers essential solutions for more value and control. Combining the power of nuTravel and DATABASICS creates an all-inclusive solution for business travelers.

4. grasp1.png

Grasp Technologies: Grasp Technologies, Inc. has more than 16 years of experience in software solutions for business travel. The solution integrates with DATABASICS Expense focuses on creating value for business travelers so that all data is available in one place.

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5.  getthere1.png

GetThere: The seamless integration with DATABASICS Expense brings all the features of GetThere (from travel policy management to global shopping capabilities) provides more freedom for business travel managers to get the job done their way. 

6. egencia1-779731-edited.png

Egencia: Egencia brings its travel services, including innovative travel tech and expertise, to the DATABASICS solution. The integration makes travel booking and expense reporting easier than ever, simplifying the process for business travelers. 

7. cornerstone1-331719-edited.png

Cornerstone: Cornerstone Information Systems offers solutions for TMCs in a SaaS-based application, which makes it a perfect fit for DATABASICS Expense. With Cornerstone and DATABASICS, travelers can access their data anytime, anywhere through mobile apps with automated integrations. 

8. amadeus1-817798-edited.png

Amadeus: The self-booking tools offered by Amadeus provide a flexible solution for travelers. Integrating Amadeus with DATABASICS brings together essential systems into one place with bi-directional data flow that pushes through updates or changes as they occur. 

With increased demand for to-the-minute updated data, ease of use, and the flexibility to change and grow, integrations are more essential than ever. An all-in-one system makes decisionmaking and data management simpler and easier. Data should be easy to access, timely, and consistent. Open data integrations make that possible.

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