The Ultimate Guide to Time and Expense Software

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Time and expense software is a crucial tool for businesses of all sizes. It enables organizations to efficiently track and manage their resources, leading to improved productivity and cost-effectiveness. Let's explore the significance of time and expense software and how it can benefit your business.

What is Timesheet and Expense Reporting Software?

  • Timesheet Solution: Timesheet software is an automated solution that helps businesses track and manage the hours worked by their employees. Unlike manual tracking methods such as Excel spreadsheets, timesheet software offers precision and reduces the time spent on data entry and verification of corporate controls and government compliances. This technology aids in streamlining payroll processing and enhances the accuracy of billing in project-based settings. By automating time tracking, businesses can minimize errors and discrepancies, leading to improved operational efficiency and reduced administrative costs.
  • Expense Reporting Tools: Expense reporting software provides a structured platform for employees to submit and manage their work-related expenses. This type of software replaces traditional, manual methods like Excel spreadsheets, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. With features such as receipt scanning, corporate card integration, automated approvals, and real-time budgeting, expense reporting software reduces the likelihood of inaccuracies and fraud. It also helps businesses ensure compliance with spending policies and provides valuable insights into expense trends, aiding in better financial management.
  • Integrating Leave Management and Employee Purchasing: Leave management and employee purchasing systems can be integrated as add-ons to time and expense software, creating a cohesive and comprehensive tool to manage absences and purchasing card (P-Card) transactions. Leave management systems streamline employee absences, such as vacation or sick days, and accruals ensuring compliance with employment laws and internal policies. Employee purchasing systems, on the other hand, allow for the efficient tracking and management of procurement processes and employee-initiated expenditures. This helps to maintain budget control and prevent overspending.

Why Time + Expense + Leave + Employee Purchasing All in One System?

Combining time tracking, expense reporting, leave management, and employee purchasing into a single software solution offers significant advantages. This holistic approach not only simplifies the user experience for employees but also provides administrators and managers with a centralized source and view of data. This integration enhances data consistency, reduces the risk of errors, and saves time by eliminating the need to switch between multiple disparate systems. For businesses striving for operational excellence and strategic resource management, an all-in-one system is not just a tool but a transformative solution for achieving their goals efficiently and effectively. This unified approach underscores our commitment to solving complex business needs through adaptable, robust solutions that cater to businesses of every scale, from local nonprofits to global corporations.

Key Features of Time and Expense Software

Time and expense software typically offers a range of features designed to simplify the tracking of time and expenses. These features may include:

  1. Timesheet Tracking: Allows employees to log their work hours and activities, providing visibility into how time is being spent.
  2. Expense Reporting: Enables users to record and categorize out of pocket and corporate card expenses incurred during business activities, ensuring accurate reimbursement and budgeting.
  3. Reporting Capabilities: Generates detailed reports on time utilization and expenses, easing data-driven decision-making.
  4. Integration Options: Integrates with other tools and systems, such as accounting, payroll, and HR software, to streamline workflows and enhance data accuracy.
  5. Mobile Accessibility: Provides on-the-go access to time and expense tracking, allowing employees to log activities from anywhere.
  6. Project Tracking: Allows the allocation of labor and spend to projects, clients, tasks, or funding sources for better reporting and compliance.

Benefits of Streamlining Vendor Invoice Management

  • Cost Savings: Automation significantly reduces operational costs by reducing the labor required for vendor invoicing.
  • Improved Vendor Relationships: Efficient communication and timely payments contribute to stronger, more positive relationships with vendors.        
  • Enhanced Visibility and Control: A centralized invoice management system provides greater oversight over financial operations, facilitating better budgeting and spending decisions.
  • Automated Workflows: Automated workflows streamline vendor invoice processing by routing invoices based on predefined rules and policies, eliminating bottlenecks and reducing processing times.
  • Strategic Decision Making: Streamlined invoice management supports improved data analytics, aiding in more informed strategic planning.

The Benefits of Time and Expense Software

Effective timesheet and expense reporting management is essential for businesses to run smoothly. By using specialized SaaS solutions, companies can streamline their processes, cut out errors, and gain valuable insights into their operations. This software empowers employees to accurately track their time spent on various tasks and projects, ensuring that resources are allocated efficiently.

Implementing a robust time and expense software solution offers many benefits to organizations, including:

  1. Efficiency: Automating timesheets and expense reporting processes saves time and reduces manual errors.
  2. Cost Savings: Accurate tracking of expenses and billable hours maximizes revenue and minimizes unnecessary costs.
  3. Compliance: Ensures adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies, reducing the risk of non-compliance.
  4. Insightful Analytics: Offers valuable insights through detailed reports, enabling informed decision-making and resource optimization.

Time and expense systems play a significant role in managing operational costs and enhancing productivity levels. With an automated solution, customers gain visibility into their costs, enabling them to monitor budgets effectively. Operating on a centralized system reduces risks while simplifying compliance with your company's financial policies and procedures.

How Do I Login and Use Time and Expense Software?

Here, we’ll address one of the first questions we hear from clients: how to login to time and expense. If you’re a DATABASICS customer, start by going to to log in. Enter your email address and the anti-spam code to be directed to your company’s login page. If you don’t know your username or password, reach out to your DATABASICS administrator for help.

If you’re looking to log into the mobile app for the first time, have your system administrator contact DATABASICS Support at to provide you with a new user ID if one does not already exist. Once access to DATABASICS has been set up by your administrator and you have downloaded the latest version of the DATABASICS app from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store, then:

  1. Launch the app on your device.
  2. The app will prompt you for an e-mail address. Please provide an e-mail address associated with your user profile in DATABASICS. If you are not sure what your e-mail address within DATABASICS is, please ask your system administrator to provide you with that information.
    (Note: it should be the e-mail address to which you receive DATABASICS-related e-mails.)
  3. Once you enter the e-mail address, you will be emailed an activation code. Enter this activation code in the app when it prompts you for it.
  4. Provide your Login and click Register. The application will send you a temporary PIN to the email address listed in the pop-up window.
  5. Enter the temporary PIN from the email and choose your new PIN to finish the Mobile Registration process.

You can catch the video instructions for how to do this here:

We recommend that you log in daily to complete your timesheets and expense reports. Logging your time and expenses daily allows you to mitigate errors and boost productivity, ensuring your records are always accurate and up to date.

Usage of Timesheet and Expense Reporting Software Across Job Functions

Now that we’ve discussed the benefits and features, you might have questions about how each member of your team might use time and expense software. Here are just a few of the ways that the whole team can benefit from using automated time and expense:

  • For Finance Teams: Timesheet and expense reporting software is a staple in the toolkit of finance professionals. This technology offers a panoramic view of the company's financial commitments and employee time expenditures. By integrating these systems, finance teams can produce comprehensive reports, manage reimbursements effectively, automate reconciliations, and monitor budget adherence. This results in a fortified decision-making process, grounded in data and transparency, that responds swiftly to the dynamic needs of a business.
  • For Project Managers: Project managers use timesheet and expense reporting software to fortify resource allocation and project execution. By having access to real-time data, project leaders can ensure that team efforts align with project timelines and budgets. Additionally, these tools enhance team coordination, making it easier to allocate tasks according to available hours and project needs. Overall, the software stimulates a proactive management style, warding off potential overruns and fostering a culture of collaboration and timeliness.
  • For Executives: Executives use timesheets and expense reporting solutions to carve a strategic path for the company. These systems offer a clear view of how employee effort translates into business revenues and cost. With the insight provided by thorough reporting, senior leaders can identify trends, forecast future expenditures, improve operations, and decide where to invest the organization's time and money. This level of oversight is critical for steering the company towards its goals, ensuring that every decision is data-driven and calculated for maximum impact.
  • For End Users/Employees: Time and expense software offers a robust solution to traditionally time-consuming tasks. This simplifies the process of capturing work hours and documenting expenses—transforming these critical operations into a streamlined, user-friendly experience. Employees interact with an intuitive platform, entering time data and uploading receipts directly through desktop or mobile applications. This eases a seamless workflow, allowing individuals to focus on contributing productively to their roles.

Best Practices in Timesheet and Expense Reporting

From our thirty years of experience in time and expense, we’ve found some of the best practices in how to ensure that you’re getting the most from your time and expense software:

  1. Build a Thriving Company Culture with Clear Time and Expense Policies: A foundational element in nurturing a successful company culture is the implementation of well-defined time and expense policies. These policies set the stage for a transparent work environment, allowing for an unambiguous understanding of expectations. Utilizing clear guidelines, businesses can cultivate a culture of accountability and integrity, ensuring all staff members are on the same page when it comes to financial responsibilities and time management.

  1. Implement The Right-Fit Efficient Time and Expense Management System for You: To optimize operations, implementing an efficient time and expense management system is essential. It should be fully configurable and tailored to actually solve your toughest time and expense problems. Being adaptable to you is essential. If you find that you’re working around the system instead of letting the system work for you, it’s not the right fit. The best-fit systems should simplify the tracking, management, and reporting of financial activities, freeing up valuable time that can be put toward strategic initiatives. An effective system reduces paperwork, accelerates approval processes, and delivers real-time financial insights that enhance decision-making capabilities across the organization.

  1. Take Advantage of Expert Training and Dedicated Support: Adopting a new system for managing time and expenses requires a thoughtful transition plan, which includes expert training and support. Providing detailed walkthroughs and user-friendly resources equips your team with the necessary knowledge to navigate the system effectively. A dedicated support team plays a critical role in ensuring a smooth transition, addressing concerns quickly, and helping your organization harness the full potential of your chosen software.

    Then, once you’re up and running, the availability of customer support is crucial. Be sure that your chosen provider is responsive and available when questions or problems arise.

Even More Time and Expense Features

We’ve covered the most essential timesheet and expense reporting features, but here are a few more that might make all the difference for your organization.

Enhance Your Workflow with Added Features Like Leave Management and Invoicing

DATABASICS extends beyond just time and expense tracking. Our suite of additional features, including leave management and vendor invoice management, is designed to streamline your end-to-end financial processes. Integrating these capabilities enhances your workflow, reduces the margin for error, and saves time, allowing you to concentrate on strategic initiatives that drive your business forward.

Effortless Access to Mobile Apps for On-the-Go Time and Expense Tracking

In today’s fast-paced environment, mobility is key. DATABASICS offers mobile apps that provide effortless on-the-go access to time and expense tracking, ensuring seamless business operations, even when you're away from the desk. This flexibility supports a dynamic workforce and accommodates your team's varied schedules and work locations, ensuring that productivity remains uninterrupted.

Enrich Your Existing Systems with Integrations to Accounting, ERP, and CRM Software

Flexibility in our solutions means they can integrate seamlessly with your existing accounting, ERP, and CRM systems. This ability enriches your existing workflows, enhances data accuracy, and offers a unified view of your operations. By connecting DATABASICS with your other business systems, you create a powerhouse of efficiency and insights, driving smarter business decisions and fostering a landscape of continuous improvement.

Choosing the Right Time and Expense Software

When selecting a time and expense software solution for your business, consider factors such as scalability, user-friendliness, configurability options, and customer support. By choosing software that aligns with your organization's needs and goals, you can effectively streamline your time and expense management processes and drive operational excellence.

Next Steps in Time & Expense

If you’re new to DATABASICS, here’s our heartfelt welcome. We are glad to be your trusted solution that simplifies how you track time and manage expenses. Recognized for its robust functionality and seamless user experience, DATABASICS stands out as an all-in-one platform designed to cater to the unique needs of your organization. With our system, you gain not only tools to automate and streamline your financial operations but also a partner committed to elevating your business efficacy and compliance.

If you’re not on board yet, here’s how to take the next step: learn about our pricing options and sign up today.

Embarking on your journey with DATABASICS is straightforward. We offer transparent, flexible pricing options designed to accommodate the diverse budget needs of different organizations. Choosing DATABASICS means choosing a path to greater accuracy, compliance, and strategic insight. Get started today by exploring our pricing plans to find the one that best fits your business needs or sign up for a personalized demo to see firsthand how our system can revolutionize your time and expense management.