Are Your Staffing Agency's Business Rules Being Followed?

Staffing firms are often in a unique situation because they have three primary stakeholders: the client looking for an employee, the employee, and the staffing firm itself. This can make compliance a challenge when it comes to ensuring that not only are the company’s rules being followed, but so are the client’s rules.

Compliance is a major hurdle for staffing firms because they don't just have their set of business rules to adhere to, but they are expected to comply with all the requirements of these stakeholders in addition to the rules of the federal law, state law, or country specific laws. Many organizations don’t have the time or the resources to manage compliance with all of these entities, so they may find themselves in trouble if they get audited.

That’s where automated compliance software becomes a helpful tool. Here are the ways that your staffing firm can benefit from time and expense software with automated compliance:

Automated compliance for Staffing AGENCIES

Handbook compliance

Your company has built rules for a reason. When timesheets or expense reports are submitted, they automatically are validated against existing handbook policies to be approved or failed. This happens before a human approver or manager sees it, decreasing the workload for that approver or manager. Automated handbook compliance takes care of the first round of compliance so that administrators can spend more time on those submissions that really need it.

Global rules & regulations

Staffing firms might have employees working all over the country or all over the world, so it’s important to have a tool that can accommodate that. You just need to input the policies/rules for that employee’s location and the system will validate against those rules.

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Time and attendance policies

HR has its own set of rules when it comes to managing employee time and attendance. From Overtime Law to the FMLA and everything in between—like PTO, accrual rules, sick leave, and even individual client obligations—an automated leave management system can take care of these complex regulations.

FLSA (Fair Labor Standards Act) compliance

The FLSA is a major piece of legislation that comes with requirements for how employees are paid based on their time worked. This means that keeping an accurate record of time worked is important, especially if your organization works with state or local government employees or minors. Time tracking software is one tool that staffing firms can use to track and verify accurate recordkeeping. 

Policy revision

If you haven’t revised your policies in a while, it’s probably time to start thinking ahead. Policies should be reviewed and revised yearly to keep up with changing requirements and to keep up with changes in the workplace. Automated compliance and auditing software can perform a system-wide review to uncover which policies are most often failed and which employees most often fail when they submit timesheets or expense reports. This can be valuable data for knowing which policies to update or which employees need more training.

With so many stakeholders, juggling compliance can be a source of wasted time and frustration. Lean on automated compliance software for staffing firms to reduce the workload and help your managers and administrators get back to higher value tasks.

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