Sign #6 You Need An Expense Reporting Makeover

Expense reporting solutions have made large advances in recent years. If you haven’t reviewed your expense reporting process lately, you may be short-changing your employees, accounting team, and operational budgets! There are six key indicators that your expense reporting process is underperforming. The sixth and last is:

INDICATOR #6: Your Company Has Decided When It Comes To Expense Reporting “Good Enough Is Good Enough"

No one may actually say it, but there are clear signs. Under the coaching from your current provider, you believe they’re “the only game in town.” Reports of poor service are discounted because it’s not that big a deal when the administrator is unhappy. IT and various people in finance have built whole favelas of spreadsheets and one-off programs to compensate for the system’s shortcomings. And distracting end-users with questionable conveniences or “trade-offs” is the major, if not, sole focus of process improvement.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Effective expense management can yield substantial cost savings and is very important to an organization’s image and operational development. Companies that are perceived by their employees as tolerant of inefficient or even deficient processes, quite simply, lose their employees’ respect. That’s the price you should never pay.

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