Letting Travelers Make Decisions

Heard the latest? Business travelers have had it with corporate interference.

They don’t need mandated systems and policies to make sound travel choices. In fact a GBTA survey sponsored by Concur Technologies, found that the average cost per trip is almost $1,000 higher for closely managed travel programs compared to those that rely on traveler good faith and judgment.

Let travelers use their apps to book wherever they wish—you’ll save money and keep your travelers happy! Too good to be true? Count us among the skeptics. First, that survey…vendor-sponsored surveys aren’t exactly the gold standard for research. Without getting into the methodological weeds, the thing is such a mess that little of value can be concluded from it.

Suffice it to say that Concur is pushing a concept called “Open Booking.” As for business travelers under a self-service program, they have an inherent conflict of interest: while their travel has a business purpose, they are still buying for their personal consumption.

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Typically and properly, companies institute internal controls to mitigate the risk this poses. The internal controls are mandated systems and policies. That’s why they exist and the fact that travelers may want to use the latest and greatest apps doesn’t diminish the need for managed travel.

The Seven Deadly Sins of Travel Policy

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