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MS Dynamics + Add-Ons = Increased Bottom Line

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 It's simple math. If you're looking for a way to increase your productivity, pairing Microsoft Dynamics with third-party add-ons will do the job. 

How Do Microsoft Dynamics AX, Nav, GP, SL Add-Ons Boost Your Bottom Line?

When your employees are equipped with the right tools, they can get more done. Here's how you can pair your MS Dynamics tools with the best in innovative time & expense software to meet more of your goals:

No more manual data entry: 
Providing bi-directional integrations with all Dynamics products (from SL to Nav) brings together your project, HR data, and approval workflows into one system. Data doesn't have to be manually inputted, saving your employees the time it takes to make data fit each system's requirements.

Better insights: 
Analytics & reporting tools can use data from tight integrations to form sleek reports that detail, in real-time, what's happening with your organization. 

Your most complex workflows, simplified:
Using time & expense add-ons will make intricate workflows easy to manage, even when you have exceptions. If a manager goes on leave, for example, it's not complicated to route that manager's usual approvals to someone else. 

Mobile apps provide flexibility:
When employees and administrators can do their jobs from their own mobile devices, they can get more done. The flexibility to access data, like order history or transactions, help employees accomplish more. 

Save time & money:
In addition to the time-savings of an all-inclusive system, using add-ons streamlines your processes and decreases costs. Add-ons consolidate your systems to improve processes and prevent users and admins from having to learn and navigate different, separate systems.

Combining Time & Expense with MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics has found a lot of success due to its customizability with third-party solutions. That's where DATABASICS comes in with time & expense solutions that fill the gaps and boost productivity. Named one of "70 Microsoft Dynamics Add Ons to Boost your Bottom Line" by Nigel Frank International, DATABASICS provides a solution that solves the challenges of time & expense and tightly integrates with Microsoft Dynamics products.

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For more information on the DATABASICS Time & Expense solutions, contact us, or call (800) 599-0434.

DATABASICS provides cloud-based, next generation Expense Reporting, P-Card Management, Timesheet Management, Leave Management, and Invoice Processing automation. Specializing in meeting the most rigorous requirements, DATABASICS offers the highest level of service to its customers around the world.

DATABASICS is relied upon by leading organizations representing all the major sectors of the global economy: financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, research, retail, engineering, nonprofits/NGOs, technology, federal contractors, and other sectors.

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