P-Card Program Management: A How-To Case Study

Purchasing cards (or P-Cards) are an excellent business decision for companies that want to save time and be more efficient, allowing employees to use their cards on allowable expenses under company policy. Traditional processes for payment can cost more and be more work to manage, as detailed at NAPCP's explanation of why to use purchasing cards.

How Can You Get More Out of P-Card Program Management?

DATABASICS stands above the crowded Expense marketplace when it comes to P-Card program management, which is why we were able to provide a P-Card solution to HCR ManorCare, a leading provider of healthcare services of all kinds. With more than 55,000 employees, HCR ManorCare had quite the task before them when they went in search of a P-Card program management solution when they hadn't even established a P-Card program and had no experience with P-Cards. 

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Their challenges were not unlike those of many other organizations in that they had complex requirements, but because of their highly dispersed potential user community, they needed something that would be easy to implement, control, and maintain.

What Solutions Are Available?

Learn more about what solutions DATABASICS innovated to meet HCR ManorCare's needs in our free PDF case study.

Managing P-Cards For Beginners & Advanced Users: An HCR ManorCare Case StudyFor more information on the DATABASICS P-Card Program Management solutions, contact us, or call (800) 599-0434.

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