Global Nonprofit Time And Expense Software

Nonprofits working in more than one country have specific needs when it comes to time and expense. Global nonprofit timesheets and expense reports need to be flexible and powerful enough to suit their unique requirements. Here are the must-have features of global nonprofit time and expense software.

What are the MUST-HAVE features of global Nonprofit time and expense?

  • Application localization: Your employees and staff may be in multiple time zones, which is why you need an app that won’t send notifications at 4 a.m. in one location because it’s 8 a.m. in another location. Localizing the app gives your employees the satisfaction of a system that works in their time zone.

  • Tax management: VAT and consumption taxes need to be captured for each individual country. Each location will need a solution for managing variations in taxes and a method for tax recovery.

  • Management of multiple currencies: With consistently changing rates, it’s important to have a solution that will automatically manage those currency rates and provide conversions from one type of currency to another.

  • Multi-company/multi-ERP management: If your organization is made up of several companies or ERPs, an automated software solution simplifies the complexity of managing each one with its own requirements and rules.

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  • Language management: Automatic translations can be dodgy at best, which is why you should look for global time and expense software that uses real experts as translators. This prevents confusion for your users and helps them more intuitively get their timesheets and expense reports done.

  • Per diem management: Per diems rates change based on the location and the kind of trip. Automated per diem management can handle these different rates and the different kinds of trips, whether it’s a partial-day per diem or a per diem for multiple cities

  • Privacy certifications: The world is changing and so will your need for data privacy. The software provider should have privacy certifications like adherence with the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) in Europe, PIPEDA in Canada, and the U.S.-EU Privacy Shield.

  • Customer service: Your administrators and customers need answers to questions as they arise. Any software provider that leaves you hanging waiting for an answer is not worth your time. Look for 24/7 customer service and recognition of customer service through recent award wins.

These must-have features will make a big difference in the way nonprofits operate their organization and utilize their funding. Look for all these features when searching for global nonprofit contractor time and expense software.

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