Federal Contractor Project Tracking Software Must-Haves

Federal contractors need a solution for controlling their projects of all sizes and all levels of complexity. If you’re a federal contractor and you are still using an Excel spreadsheet, it’s time to upgrade, especially since you can take advantage of these project tracking must-have features.

Federal Contractor Project Tracking Features

  1. Ease of use: This is so important. It might be nice to have a system with a lot of features, but if that system is too complex to use intuitively, then that won’t matter much since it’s not usable. A system that's built to be user friendly is a requirement for project tracking software nowadays. Look for a system with a user interface built for its users, whether those users are tech-savvy or not.

  2. Compliance & policy enforcement: DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) compliance is a major concern for federal contractors, so any project tracking tool needs to have built-in compliance features. This also applies to FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations). Look for a policy engine powerful enough to automatically validate against the rules established by either federal regulations or by contract.

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  1. Budget tracking: This is an essential aspect of any project reporting software. Automated software gives you real-time visibility to manage and analyze costs. This allows you to make course corrections as you go. 

  2. Reporting: Tracking where funding is going is essential because government sponsors need to know where their funding has gone. Reporting and analytics give you the tools to gather specific data about funding and present it in easy-to-read reports.

  3. Customer support: Related to ease of use, customer support is an essential part of any software solution. Look for a solution that's been built with customer support as part of the product, not as an afterthought. Giving users and admins a resource for quickly getting answers to problems will help them stay productive.

  4. Mobile App: A mobile project tracking solution provides the flexibility to get more done on the go. Mobile features are no longer just "nice to have;" they're a requirement for today's federal contracting organization in need of a solution that's just a mobile and agile as they are.

Project tracking can help your organization save time and provide more data about how funding was used, increasing the chances that you’ll earn even more contracts and renewals. Learn more about DATABASICS’ federal contractor project tracking solution,
 DATABASICS for Federal Contractors.

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