[Guide] Choosing Time and Expense Reporting Software

Finding the best time and expense software for your company might not be as easy as doing a quick search through Amazon reviews. The trouble is that you’re looking for a solution, not a product, and solutions solve only specific problems. This means that the first step toward evaluating what will work best for you is making a list of the problems you need to be solved.

Tips For Choosing Time & Expense Software:


Evaluating options for any kind of software is a real headache. Not so long ago, Big Brother IT took care of all of our technology needs. Now, business unit and functional leaders have been “liberated” from IT, with the mandate, budget and authority to evaluate, implement and operate their very own applications. Of course, this is a generalization; most companies have mixed models around how they buy technology, and it’s a wide spectrum.

However, regardless of where your company sits on the spectrum, if you’re a business unit or functional leader, you should take an active role in deciding which applications will be rolled out to your teams, because the stakes are high. And in reality, most organizations require your participation in these decisions.

So what’s the good news and bad news? The good news is that you have the ability to specify those applications that will advance your agenda, streamline your operation, and provide you with data-driven insight. The bad news is that you are now expected to evaluate products and services offered by providers who, in most cases, do not speak your language, nor do they care to learn.


Technology providers are enamored of the stuff they produce, and they think everyone should feel the same way. On the other hand, as a business unit/functional leader, you have, well… a business to run. If some type of technology can help, fine, but explain it to me in business terms. A lot of tech companies pay lip service to understanding your business, but most of them don’t.

Evaluating your applications options, then, requires you to be able to manage this fundamental dichotomy to your advantage. You’re going to have to live with whatever it is you’re buying. We’ll discuss how to do this shortly.

Most technology providers don’t mean to be obtuse, and they’re trying to improve. They really are sincere about helping you. The tech industry spends millions, if not billions, trying to learn how to understand you. Just take a look at any major business publication, and you’ll see that most ads are for tech companies trying to speak “business.” And tech salespeople are being retrained in order to do a better job working with you. But you have to help them to help you.

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For advice on how to get down to the nitty gritty details involved in comparing time and expense software, check out our white paper: Time and Expense Reporting Software: Evaluating Your Options. 

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