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Are TMCs Ready For a David and Goliath Story?


In 201, Goodbye Goliaths, Hello Davids' self-professed nerd and best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell extolls the virtues of the non-behemoths in his latest work, David and Goliath. Business leaders often reference his books, Blink and Tipping Point.

David and Goliath promises to be no exception. The buzz in travel management for years has been dictated by the Goliath’s. Armed with marketing dollars, they anointed themselves the industry’s “thought leaders.” Their message has been largely accepted and echoed by TMC’s despite the direct threat it poses to their livelihood.

If Gladwell were to look at the travel industry, he would say that the TMC’s need to find some Davids. Lower profile suppliers in our industry are better focused on the needs of their customers and partners. As private companies, they aren’t always preparing for the next earnings call.

At DATABASICS, we’re constantly out talking with travel management companies. They are discovering the increasing costs of their allegiance to Goliath’s, but they are concerned that Goliath might be the only game in town. Fact is, there are David’s out there who are consistently out-performing Goliath, winning deals and satisfying customers. How? Great, dependable support, fair prices, and solutions that meet the specific needs of customers. This year, send Goliath packing—we’ll be glad to help. Want to hear more about Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath? Check out his interview on 60 Minutes.

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