Why Staffing Firms need Automated Expense Reports

Staffing organizations sometimes struggle to get their essential billing done quickly and to complete expense report reimbursements quickly and easily. That’s because they have a mobile workforce that might consist of hundreds or thousands of employees out on the road and the work of managing all of those expense reports (and mileage reimbursements) is an administrative headache, leaving managers to stay late or work on the weekends.

There’s one cure for that headache and all other aches and pains associated with expense reporting: automated expense report software for staffing. But, expense report software can look the same from the outside. These tools will separate best-in-class software from software that will just waste your time. When you’re on the hunt for the right solution, these expense report tools are must-haves.

AUTOMATED Expense Reports for staffing Organizations

An intuitive, mobile solution.

Not only should the software come with a mobile app for smartphones or tablets, but that software also needs to be intuitive enough that your mobile workforce won’t need a lot (if any) training to get right to work on submitting their expense reports.

Receipt capture & receipt management.

Almost every smart device has a camera, so your employees should be able to put it to work to take pictures of their receipts and then attach those pictures to their expense reports. OCR (optical character recognition) technology makes it possible to read the data directly off the receipt and auto-fill the expense report, leaving the employee only to validate it and hit submit.

Mileage calculations.

Mileage is a major source of spend leakage for staffing organizations. That’s because employees on the road sometimes estimate their mileage rather than calculating it accurately. With automated expense reporting software, the system knows to not reimburse the employee for there commute miles. Employees simply input their beginning and ending addresses and Google Maps will calculate the exact mileage, saving your organization thousands (or even tens of thousands!) in over-reimbursements.

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Patient/project/client tracking.

Most staffing employees work within a pre-defined set of clients, which will dictate policies, billings, and their pay. Your solution should be able to restrict the view of patients or clients or projects—no matter how you call it—within the solution and then enforce workflow and policies related to that project structure. Essentially, the system should conform to you, not the other way around.

Reporting & auditing tools.

These might seem like an after-thought, but the auditing and reporting modules are actually really important. These tools can provide you with data about your data, essentially letting you know where your employees are spending the most so you can figure out whether that’s a good usage of your funds. Then, the reporting tool can also run reports on possible sources of fraud, such as duplicate expense submissions or which users most often fail so you know where to look more closely and what needs your attention.

Compliance & approval workflows.

Managers have enough to deal with when it comes to approving expense reports. Instead, you can input your rules, whether they’re business rules or government regulations, into the system and allow it to automatically validate against those rules so that the employee passes or fails before it goes to the manager. If it fails, the employee can make corrections that the manager would otherwise have had to spend time explaining and rejecting. Managers can then spend their time on reports that automatically follow the rules.

Because staffing organizations find it challenging to get staff paid and get billing/reimbursements done efficiently, DATABASICS has built expense report software to solve these problems. Learn more about how DATABASICS Time & Expense for Staffing™ can help your organization. 

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