6 Per Diem Management Tools You Need now

Per diem management can present a major hurdle to efficiently processing daily payments to employees. That’s because per diems will vary based on the location, but also because there are complications like partial-day per diems for first and last days of travel.

If you’re looking for a per diem solution to manage daily payments for employees, these are the features you should be looking for.

  1. Compliance: Many government contractors use per diems for their employees on the road, so they need a DCAA-compliant solution. The software should be able to manage DCAA compliance out of the box.

  2. Rate management: Rates are determined by the location, but they’re also based on company requirements and with other government requirements. Whether using GSA rates, state department rates, Department of Defense rates, rates inside or outside of the United States, or the usual GSA rates, the system should be able to handle these configurations.

  3. Full control: Along with these different configurations, the solution should offer full control over how rates are managed. That means that you should be able to configure allowances/deductions your own way, as actual amounts, as a percentage or however you need it to work.

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  1. Travel policy compliance: An automated system can validate against your company’s travel policy rules. After all, you built those rules for a reason, so they need to be enforced.

  2. Accounting, reimbursement, and tax management: An automated per diem solution can also help you manage related tasks so that you streamline the entire per diem process.

  3. Integrations: Integrations with your major accounting, HR, credit card, and payroll systems will cut down on the work it usually takes to manage per diems. Data will flow automatically between your systems, freeing you up to work on higher value tasks.

If you’re looking for an automated per diem solution, you need one that gives you the most control and reduces as much manual work as possible. With features like compliance, integrations, and automation, you can get back to your business.

Per Diems: Control & Effective Management

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